candlestick patterns

  1. MerryDay

    Price Action Toolbox For ThinkOrSwim

    Price Action is the fusion of real-time price movements with technical indicators and chart pattern analysis, aiming to refine the timing of entry and exit points. Pros: Price Action is loved because there in No LAG. It provides tick-by-tick action for staging your potential trade. Cons...
  2. K

    Automatic Chart Patterns

    I've been looking for something that draws patterns on my charts automatically. However, everything that I've come across either doesn't draw them well or somehow they just don't appear on charts. I've seen a couple of folk on YouTube with some algos that does this but they always cover them...
  3. B-rad

    Right-half of the Cup & Handle w/ CANSLIM fundamentals SCAN For ThinkOrSwim

    It seems that everyone focuses heavily on coding the specifications in the parabola portion of the cup and handle, but isn't the right half of the pattern approximating a bullish flag? I created a scan to find Right-half of the Cup & Handle formation. Shared link: This...
  4. R

    Weekly & Monthly scan for Inside Bars

    Hi, So I am not much of a coder, although I can read code and have an understanding of how the code is working. Hoping someone can help me out here. This is the current code I have for an Inside Bar scanner. It works best to tell you if the current bar is an inside bar. I forget where I...
  5. halcyonguy

    Nirvana Holy Grail Inside Bar Outside Bar For ThinkOrSwim

    This looks for 4 patterns, . Nirvana - cyan , 3 bars, middle bar is smaller . HolyGrail - magenta , 3 bars, middle bar is bigger . Inside bar - yellow , 2 bars , right bar is smaller . Outside bar - white , 2 bars , right bar is bigger each pattern is drawn in a different color. a colored label...
  6. D

    Inside Bar OutSide Bar Clouds For ThinkOrSwim

    Essentially this is what I'm trying to achieve: 1. Inside Bar followed by Outside Bar [Cloud Shaded Yellow for these 2 bars] 2. Outside Bar followed by Inside Bar [Cloud Shaded Plum for these 2 bars] Should've been more clear. I'm trying to have vertical stripes on the chart when holygrail...
  7. S

    Combining into an All-in-One Candlesticks Script?

    Hi All, I've been working on customizing some of the included TOS candlestick patterns (option to add alerts and modifying the identifiers) and would like to try to get them all into one study instead of individual ones. I'm still a bit new to coding in TOS, and have been able to make the...
  8. S

    Three Triple 3 Bars BreakOut

    Hi. First of all, thank you for this great, helpful community. This is my first post ever, so please excuse me for any abnormalities. I searched our forum but have not found a script for the 3 bars play trading strategy yet (see image linked below). I'm looking to scan any 3 bars formation...
  9. MerryDay

    Adding TOS Candlestick Patterns to Charts

    Adding TOS Candle Patterns to Charts To find TOS patterns, click on Make sure that the Show Patterns has a checkmark then click on Select Patterns Click on Candlestick Scroll through the candlestick patterns, add the ones you are interested in. Click ok. Caveats: Many of the candlestick...
  10. L

    Inside Bar Outside Bar Clouds For ThinkOrSwim

    i am trying to add a cloud between the two vertical lines. I am able to put the vertical lines but not the cloud. How can I do that? plot inbar = low > low[1] and high < high[1]; plot outbar = low < low[1] and high > high[1]; plot holygrail = outbar[1] and inbar; AssignPriceColor(if (inbar...
  11. F

    Candlestick Wick Quality For ThinkOrSwim

    I have an idea for an indicator but I have no idea how to go about implementing it, so I figured I'd throw out the idea and if anyone seemed interested maybe they could give it a shot and help me implement it. So the idea is for an indicator to give you signals based on the candlestick quality...
  12. B

    gaps 2 days in a row

    Can someone please help me with a a script for watchlist that will show me stocks that have gaped up yesterday and gaped up again today or same thing with gap down yesterday and gap down again today? So 2 days in a row gap in the same direction. I would really appreciate it. I have no clue how...
  13. P

    High Tight Flag Scanner (Leif Soreide) For ThinkOrSwim

    Hi Everyone! Leif Soreide posted his HTF scan for free but this is only for Can anyone please transcribe it to TOS or is there a post for it where someone else did it? The written code is in his Youtube video
  14. S

    Bullish Shooting Star

    Hello BenTen, Condition Wizard is one of the least used sections of ThinkOrSwim Platform. Yet for people that do not know coding this may be very useful. Please can you make a tutorial, step by step how to use Condition Wizard? For Example How to make a scan for Shooting Star candles (upside &...
  15. BonBon

    Heikin_Ashi Indicator For ThinkOrSwim

    Thanks to everyone for their work as I would not have gotten this far without your contribution. I have referenced members of the community as you have either commented or contributed to the HA forums/discussions. After conducting research on indicators/studies that would aid in my entry and...
  16. E

    Pattern Recognition not working

    I use Heikin Ashi chart type and enabled a few patterns. TOS used to automatically identify the patterns if exists when I move mouse over any bar. But it stopped working lately, may be from the second week of August. I could not get it working, tried reinstalling and tried a different version of...
  17. Pelonsax

    Indicator for Think or Swim based on Rob Smith's The STRAT

    In order to keep the post clean, updates are now found at the very bottom of the thread NEWEST: 07/25/23 A SUITE OF PRODUCTS BY PELONSAX AKA RAMON DV FOR USE WITH: ROB SMITH’S THE STRAT I am writing these to help myself learn The STRAT because I am a visual learner. And I am sharing them...
  18. R

    Can TOS bet set up to detect complex chart patterns?

    New member here fwiw & currently test driving the TOS platform. Been manually trading for over 20 yrs & change is hard for an older dog like me. I hate for my first post to be asking for information but here goes. Can an indicator me made to detect complex chart pattern? I was reading an...
  19. BenTen

    3 Bar Triangle Breakout Indicator for ThinkorSwim

    A simple indicator that looks for potential breakout based on the last 3 bars. thinkScript Code # 3 Bar Triangle Breakout # Assembled by BenTen at # Converted from def PHIGH =(high[3]); def PLOW...
  20. ahamouda

    Is there any script for candle pattern auto identification?

    I am looking for Auto pasterns Identification , the one I see in thinkorswim is not really working.if I a right? any suggestions

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