Can TOS bet set up to detect complex chart patterns?



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New member here fwiw & currently test driving the TOS platform. Been manually trading for over 20 yrs & change is hard for an older dog like me.
I hate for my first post to be asking for information but here goes.

Can an indicator me made to detect complex chart pattern?

I was reading an article by someone that uses Trade Station & they were able to write a string & makes claims they could detect any pattern you could throw at them.
It was described as Fréchet distance. Not sure the rules here linking to other articles so I will refrain till I get a better feel for the community/rules.
I am not really speaking of standard canned candlestick patterns like abandoned baby etc etc. If doable I have a sample chart I can post.
As you probably know this pattern would never be the exact same candle count/distance etc., but its the general pattern I want to seek out.
My takeaway is this what the guy was able to do this in the article.

Hopefully I have enought screen time under my belt that I can make a contribution here and there in the trading realm but I am a newbie to the TOS platform.
Currently I am still trading on my regular account and using TOS for vol profile charts & doing some testing.


The possibilities are endless. You wouldn't know until you start putting something together. That being said, you can start with some of the existing patterns that ThinkorSwim already offers in its platform. Locate the Chart Patterns tab at the upper right-hand corner of your ToS screen. There, you will find three different categories:
  • Candlestick Patterns
  • Classic Patterns
  • Fibonacci Patterns


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Yes I see I played with some of the canned off the shelf patterns. So far none of the off the shelf patterns will show what I am after.
Here are a few examples. Basically want to look for that wedge repeating pattern you see. These are charts I marked up in a hurry intraday but the main goal was to get a visual of the repeating wedges. Notice the heights & widths are almost never exact but my understanding of the Fréchet distance & using some "Fuzzy" logic it could be done...

Here are a few variations of what I want to be able to scan for:
Any help into the right direction much appreciated.

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