Learn ThinkorSwim Coding Language

Here are some resources to help you learn thinkScript, the official coding language for ThinkorSwim platform.
thinkScript OneNote

The Universe of ThinkScript

A compilation of different ThinkorSwim indicators, studies, strategies, and snippets.

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ThinkorSwim chart

AddOrder Logic - Simulate BUY AUTO and SELL AUTO

I'm trying to simulate the buy and sell and simulate the reversal from going long to short or vice-versa in the same bar. Auto it seems the entry is taken at the same bar while manual is on the next bar.

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Is there a course on thinkScript?

I want to know where I can find a course about thinkscript?

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ThinkScript Custom Code - Fall Cleaning and Change Management

I want to start leveraging devops processes, and start putting all my ideas and development into backlog, and start working thru it in a prioritized order.

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thinkScript Q&A with Links

Frequently Asked Questions about thinkScript.

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Offering to help with scripting

Robert Payne of FunWithThinkscript is providing support for anyone seeking help with their thinkScript code.

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How to Export and Process ThinkorSwim Backtesting Data

I wanted to share with everyone how I have attempted to tackle the abysmal backtesting platform in ThinkorSwim using Excel.

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