1. samer800

    TrendCylinder (Expo) for ThinkOrSwim

    Author Message: The TrendCylinder is a dynamic trading indicator designed to capture trends and volatility in an asset's price. It provides a visualization of the current trend direction and upper and lower bands that adapt to volatility changes. By using this indicator, traders can identify...
  2. samer800

    Support & Resistance Dynamic [LuxAlgo] for ThinkOrSwim

    Author Message: The Support & Resistance Dynamic indicator aims to return real-time predictive support and resistance zones that are relevant to a detected trend. This makes this indicator similar to our previously published Predictive Ranges indicator. Users can additionally extend the most...
  3. C

    Strong Pivots For ThinkOrSwim

    Hey all, I made a pivot study based off of an interesting idea I saw on TradingView which filters out "weak" pivots, and instead only tries to select stronger pivots based on more extreme/volatile action. In addition to the usual pivot or swing high/low logic that looks for the highest high and...
  4. F

    Dynamic Levels Breakouts For ThinkOrSwim

    hi group! happy sunday to all! i found this great indicator, i hope one of the greatest coder here can help me! thank you in advance
  5. B

    Repaints MTF Volume-based Support & Resistance Zones V2 For ThinkOrSwim

    Hey @samer800, can this Volume-Based S/R be converted? it is a bit different because it gives different timeframe s/r on the same chart.
  6. samer800

    Best Support And Resistance Indicator V1 [ForexBee] for ThinkOrSwim

    Author Message: his Indicator Identifies and draws the support and resistance Zones On the Chart 🔶Overview The support and resistance indicator is a technical indicator that will plot the support zone and resistance zone on the candlestick chart. It determines the price touches to find the...
  7. samer800

    Volume Based S/R For ThinkOrSwim

    Author Message: The indicator compares the size of volume bars so that if there is a noticeable increase in volume (noticeable here meaning above the indicator threshold) it marks the bar high and low prior to the bigger volume candle. CODE: #
  8. samer800

    ICT Donchian Smart Money Structure (Expo) for ThinkOrSwim

    Author Message: - Not typical conversion Concept Overview The Inner Circle Trader (ICT) methodology is focused on understanding the actions and implications of the so-called "smart money" - large institutions and professional traders who often influence market movements. Key to this is the...
  9. samer800

    Predictive Ranges [LuxAlgo] for ThinkOrSwim

    Author Message: The Predictive Ranges indicator aims to efficiently predict future trading ranges in real-time, providing multiple effective support & resistance levels as well as indications of the current trend direction. Predictive Ranges was a premium feature originally released by LuxAlgo...
  10. samer800

    Support Resistance with Breaks and Retests for ThinkOrSwim

    * Not Typical converting. Creator Message: CODE: #// This source code is subject to the terms of the Mozilla Public License 2.0 at #// © nsadeghi #...
  11. samer800

    Key Levels For ThinkOrSwim

    I converted partially. pls check. #// This source code is subject to the terms of the Mozilla Public License 2.0 at #// © Bjorgum #indicator ('Bjorgum Key Levels', 'Bj Key Levels', ount=500) # partial conversion by Sam4Cok@Samer800 - 01 /2023 input lookLeft = 20...
  12. C

    Futures Market Profile Daily Levels For ThinkOrSwim

    The following six scripts are designed to be used together, in order to auto-plot key levels for intraday trading based on Market Profile, as taught by the Shadow Trader crew. Save each one of these as its own script, then load them together on one chart. Since a couple of these scripts are...
  13. C

    Daily Pivot, Support, and Resistance, with RTH anchor: globex market profile For ThinkOrSwim

    Plots eight daily support (red), resistance (green), and pivot lines (17 lines total), anchored to prior day globex RTH, for futures. Chart timeframe should be XD:XM or similar (not Today:XM). # def na = Double.NaN; def bn = BarNumber(); def h = high; def l = low; script prior { input...
  14. samer800

    Support & Resistance S/R Channel For ThinkOrSwim

    Per several member requests from here: try this. - Updated #// This source code is subject to the terms of the Mozilla Public License 2.0 at #// © BarsStallone #// Code update...
  15. A

    RSI Supply/Demand For ThinkOrSwim

    RSI Supply/Demand For ThinkOrSwim A script that draws supply and demand zones based on the RSI indicator. For example if RSI is under 30 a supply zone is drawn on the chart and extended for as long as there isn't a new crossunder 30. Same goes for above 70. The threshold which by default is set...
  16. S

    Waynes Pivots For ThinkOrSwim

    Has anyone done a script for Wyatts Pivots? Waynes Pivots on Tradeview is about the same thing. Here is the link I have seen Wayne Mcdonnel use these for many years. He is on Youtube every morning teaching people how to...
  17. mashume

    Candle Wick Price Movement Rejection: Support and Resistance For ThinkOrSwim

    Candle Wick Price Movement Rejection A novel method for finding hidden support and resistance IDEA When a candle opens, moves a great deal either higher or lower, and then returns to near the original position, it leaves a signifigant 'wick'. That rejection of price movement forms the basis for...
  18. samer800

    ATR Trend Bands [Misu] for ThinkOrSwim

    Creator Message: This indicator shows an upper and lower band based on price action and ATR ( Average True Range ) The average true range (ATR) is a market volatility indicator used in technical analysis . █ Usages: The purpose of this indicator is to identify changes in trends and price...
  19. M

    Pivot Boss Floor Pivots with ATR Dilation and Dynamic Levels For ThinkOrSwim

    Hi Everyone, Can anybody convert the following indicator to thinkscript:
  20. MerryDay

    Support and Resistance Fractal Pivot Points For ThinkOrSwim

    Support and Resistance Fractal Pivots For ThinkOrSwim This was a member request; found on JQ's OneNote Fractal Pivots: use multiple instances of the study set with different lengths to find fractal pivots inside wider fractal ranges. ### OneNote Archive Name: Support Resistance Fractal Pivots...

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