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@john3 A snippet was shared on here. It was reported due to the indicator being a premium product. We had to take it down. But based on what @diazlaz was saying, this seems to be a repainting indicator.


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I have been a subscriber from the very beginning. It is run by a very nice guy. I signed up because it rule based. Since then it has gotten very discretionary and he puts out new indicators and time frames to trade the box on with no rhyme or reason. His videos are very cherry picked trades. He also stopped posting his PL on his You Tube videos.
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@stinkbo, agree 100% that he's a nice guy. I no longer subscribe either. Horserider's SD bands do just as well if not better. I came to that conclusion after overlaying many of the indicators here with the VB indicator.


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@diazlaz If you have watched any of the early videos of this indicator, first I don't remember seeing directional arrows, never longer than 1-5 minute chart, and several times price blows through bands,......it will help all if you learn to read price......


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So, it's not that reliable of an indicator if it keeps changing. Does anyone have a great indicator that is highly accurate for swing trading? It's hard to search for best indicators lol. I'm looking for something that can be trusted with solid entry/exits and hold for a couple days or so. Any help would be appreciated...

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As @BenTen stated above in post 61, what was posted earlier was premium code. I subscribed to the Volatility Box for quite a while and can assure you that it's no holy grail. It may provide a clean chart layout but it's not a complete trading system. You need additional confirmation at the pivot points and some basic knowledge of price action. The creator of the indicator is a nice guy. His product just didn't help me win trades.

For what it's worth, I overlaid the Volatility Box with numerous indicators available on this site. @horserider 's SD bands were a very close approximation.

Best wishes.


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@Trader Raider Would you please link that SD bands code?

Thank you for the clarification. I did not realize that BenTen was talking about the Volatility Box code, I thought Diazlaz has made a replica.


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Hi Everyone - not sure if I have it anymore, I believe this was VB box shared in this thread and the CSA that been released. I will check to see if i still have that grid saved.


Hey fellas,

This is very interesting and I thought I'd throw my 2cents in for the benefit of the group. Awhile back the group that designed the original volatility box indicator also created a free script called SupplyDemandEdge...which is supposed to work well with the Volatility Box. It seems to be a nice enhancement. It is simply long/short $ADSPD signals and long/short $TICK signals. I have included the script below.

Anyone, is there a way to keep the signal arrows from laying over the top of one another? I seem to remember a script from a long time ago that had one down arrow just above the candle (lets say red) and another down arrow (white) just above the red candle.

Note: The youtube vid that shows them designing this script is here. At about 14:30 they test it.

# Supply_Demand_Edge .... an enhancement to the Volatility Box
#TOS Indicators
#Home of the Volatility Box

# modified by @RickKennedy to include signals from previous days

declare upper;
declare hide_on_daily;

input showTicks = yes;
input showAD = yes;
input ShowTodayOnly = no;

def regularSession = secondsFromTime(0930) > 0 && secondsTillTime(1600) > 0;
def hod = if regularSession then if (high > hod[1]) then high else hod[1] else high;
def lod = if regularSession then if (low < lod[1]) then low else lod[1] else low;
def highAD = if regularSession then if (high(symbol="$ADSPD") > highAD[1]) then high(symbol="$ADSPD") else highAD[1] else high(symbol="$ADSPD");
def lowAD = if regularSession then if (low(symbol="$ADSPD") < lowAD[1]) then low(symbol="$ADSPD") else lowAD[1] else low(symbol="$ADSPD");
def highTick = if regularSession then if (high(symbol="$TICK") > highTick[1]) then high(symbol="$TICK") else highTick[1] else high(symbol="$TICK");
def lowTick = if regularSession then if (low(symbol="$TICK") < lowTick[1]) then low(symbol="$TICK") else lowTick[1] else low(symbol="$TICK");

def currentHighAD = high(symbol="$ADSPD");
def currentLowAD = low(symbol="$ADSPD");
def currentHighTick = high(symbol="$TICK");
def currentLowTick = low(symbol="$TICK");

plot ADShortSignal = showAD && high == hod && currentHighAD < highAD;

plot ADLongSignal = showAD && low == lod && currentLowAD > LowAD;

plot TickShortSignal = showTicks && high == hod && currentHighTick < highTick;

plot TickLongSignal = showTicks && low == lod && currentLowTick > lowTick;

#end Supply_Demand_Edge
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it looks really nice when it's all done ;)

It will be subject to box re-calculations (repaints) at time. the higher the time frame, less volatility. it's using the high and low + a pivot point or gravity point calculated, probably at a weekly timeframe.

Do you have the code for this chart?
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