How to Fix "importing shared item" Error in ThinkorSwim


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I've been getting this question a lot lately. Some people see the following error message when they tried to open a shared thinkscript study in ThinkorSwim.

An error occurred while importing shared item. Please consult with tech support.


You only see this popup window when clicking on the "View in thinkorswim" button via the web browser. This option makes it really convenient to import a shared item such as an indicator or scan query. However, it no longer works.

While we wait for ThinkorSwim to fix this issue, here's a workaround.
  1. Go to ThinkorSwim
  2. Click on Setup (top right-hand corner) > Open shared item...
  3. Insert the shared link (ex:
  4. Preview > Import
  5. Done

I hope that helps.

P.S: As @rad14733 suggested, if you decide to share a ToS link on our forum, be sure to post the actual code. This is especially helpful for those who want to quickly glance over the code before adding it to their platform.
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Thank you, Ben. Most helpful. Every now and then I forget about this workaround.
Thanks @BenTen... Here would also be a good place to implore members that in addition to posting these shared links to also post the actual code... Many members may simply want to view the code prior to installing and may also be more comfortable using the easier method of Copy and Paste... It should go without saying that if you have code, post the code within [code] ... [/code] tags...
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Yes the workaround helped thx. I wasn't getting an error on TOS, just if I clicked on link and the new tab opened it was now just a blank page..It only started happening a couple of days ago. I did notice that there was a message on that said error, the site is temporarily under maintenance try again tomorrow.


Also my TOS doesn't let me copy and paste maybe because I'm on a mac, you have to manually put the link in. I also agree that if the code is posted as a fallback it's easier on everyone. Thx
@JPIMP Google "Copy and Paste on mac"... It has worked on every Mac I've done what limited maintenance I do to them on... I mainly work on Windows PC's but have a few customers with Mac's...
TOS has periodically had problems with opening shared links if you click on the hyperlink. The following method works 100% of the time.

To Open A Shared Link
  1. Hover your mouse over the link
  2. Right-click, chose copy link address
  3. In TOS, click on gear icon at top of TOS app
  4. Click on Open Shared Item
  5. Ctrl-V to paste link address
  6. Click on Preview
  7. Down in the Import As box: Name the study, whatever you want
  8. Click Import
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It's a custom indicator for sierra chart. I don't know much about it other than it gives great signals. I compared it to regular macd and it's far superior for giving divergence signals.
Hello. The link is saying "not found". Could you please update the link? Great job!!!
I am not an expert coder but can usually manipulate code to suit my needs. Having said that, I combined this study into Mobius' Fractal Script. Parts of it are perhaps redundant so if anyone can consolidate, that would be great

basically what this adds is additional pivot points(Fractal Script)

Here is the tos code

Is there any way you can share the actual code. For some odd reason the link is not working.
Hi Markos I can not get your study to open in my version of TOS?

I am pretty sure i followed these steps correctly. can you please send me the correct text code to copy into tos in the create indicator location?

I can't get any of the shared links to open in my
charts here is one of the shared studies that i downloaded and have tried to open httptosmxAzRX1J-2
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Hi I followed the steps to open this shared stydy listed below and it just will not open for me

Fractal Boxes by Mobius for ThinkorSwim​

The link works fine. See:

Please take a screenshot when you reach step#5 (should look like the above image), which is in the instructions provided to you:

After you post the above information, I am sure someone will be able to point you toward possible solutions.
Unsure of how to upload screenshots to the forum, Here are directions.
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