How to Fix ThinkorSwim's link not working


For some reason, all the links from ThinkorSwim are leading to a 404 webpage. More specifically, it will say the following:

Page not found!
The page you are looking for cannot be found because it was either misspelled or has been deleted. Make sure you've typed the URL correctly.


In reality, these shareable links are actually not broken. There is an alternative to loading up a shared ThinkorSwim study, chart setup, or workspace.

Step 1: Go to your ThinkorSwim platform.

Step 2: Click on Setup (top right-hand corner) > Select Open shared item...


Step 3: Paste the link you were given > click Preview


Step 4: Click Ok

After that, you will receive a popup telling you what the indicator has been saved as. You can load it up from your Studies area by typing in the given name.



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Hi Hope yo are all doing well.. This is such a great community and resource.. Just wanted to check and see if everyone is have g trouble accessing study links on TOS.MX reading past posts it seems this has happened before but i haven't been able to access anything since the weekend.. Pleas let me know if you have this trouble too.. TY..

is TOS.MX working for everybody but me??
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