FIX --> TOS App Install Box Too Small To Navigate


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When you open the ThinkOrSwim.exe do you get an install box about this size (it may be a laptop issue):

Where a couple of clicks into the install, you get to the license agreement that must be accepted before continuing but the box is too small and there is no way to scroll down to hit accept and you can't go forward with the install without accepting. Dead in the water.

The Fix:
1. Click and hold on the back button, then move your mouse off of it before releasing
2. Hit tab 3 times
3. Hit space bar
4. Hit next
5. Turn around 3 times and spit 😇

I knew this hack from long ago (back when I was corrupting my TOS app on a regular basis and re-installing). But I have been so staid and unadventurous that I hadn't had the issue so I forgot the steps. Therefore, I am posting these for my future self and for anyone else that ends up in this position.
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