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How to Open ThinkorSwim Shared Workspace


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I've spent so many hours putting together a chart that works for me. The Slim Ribbon study, tops and bottom candles, the ALMA lines and the bottom indicators are the UCSG for verifying those tops and bottoms along with the MACD, very simple and takes up little space.

My shared workspace https://tos.mx/lXrKoxz

How to Open a Shared Workspace in ThinkorSwim

  1. Open ThinkorSwim
  2. Click on Setup (located on the top right hand corner of screen)
  3. Select "Open shared item..."
  4. Paste the thinkorswim link into above into the Shared item URL field
  5. Preview > Import


This method applies to other shared items such as grid charts, custom studies, and watchlist columns.
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@Billions Server is down now but this really has been an extremely productive chart for me.. I'm not sure about running several studies on the top chart but then I'm more of a momentum trader and it fits my needs.. there are many lower studies that I've pieced together from the kind and generous sharing on this site.. I made a few changes Added the shared HEIKIN moving average which I really like
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Hi @J007RMC I tried to open your chart but it is saving as a workspace. Do you know what is wrong the link? I think I just need your Grid link if your could share that? I see this is a while back. Was just looking to analyze what you are using to utilize some of your experience!
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@sunnyr There is nothing wrong with that link. It was shared as an entire workspace. What you can do is save what you need from it and then delete the workspace from your ToS.
Sorry what I meant to say is that for some reason even when I open the workspace his charts do not show. Like in the preview it shows me the charts but when I open they are not there. I have used workspaces before and have not had this problem. Not sure what going on. maybe something im missing on my end?

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