Exploring Scan Combining Unusual volume and near 52 weeks high ...

#Plot myVariable = RSI() is greater than 60;
#AssignBackgroundColor (if myVariable then Color.GREEN else color.DARK_RED);
plot RSI = rsi();
AssignBackgroundColor(if RSI > 60 then Color.DARK_GREEN else if RSI < 60 then Color.DARK_RED else Color.Dark_ORANGE);
1. Daily and weekly RSI above 60 --> relative strength that is sustained for a longer period of time.
2. Certain name of symbols coming again and again for example (ZS) in this scan
3. I review the symbols from other angles (catalyst)...
4. Short list is .easy for further analysis (option sentiment, block trade, news, earning etc) to come to fewer candidates for trading.
5. Exploring the idea
6. request suggestion for improvement


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Thanks Samiran, for posting the code for Zscore, I was able to get this working.
One needs to add the code as a study and then add it as a custom column.
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Hi Dr. Samiran Adhikari,

Thanks for the post and sharing the workspace. Unfortunately, some studies do not load.
Would you be kind enough to share the RSIInMTF study in your charts?

Thanks in advance.

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Do you mind sharing your option scanner you upload to twitter?
The custom study you have on RSI is greater than 60 and close is greater than reference vwap. Thanks
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