1. ugaotrader

    Opinicus Volume Data Indicator for ThinkorSwim

    Free, from OpinicusHoldings Volume+Data https://tos.mx/RJ4g53 thinkScript Code ##### The VOLUMEDATA By Opinicus Holdings ##### Made By Kyle ##### Version 1 ##### 01/9/2019 ##### Copyright Opinicus Holdings 2018 - 2019 All rights reserved ##### This software is licensed for individual use only...
  2. korygill

    Finite Volume Elements (FVE) for ThinkOrSwim

    The Finite Volume Elements (FVE) strategy is a money flow indicator that combines trading volume and volatility indicators to gauge market sentiment. The FVE strategy is considered stable and reliable compared to single indicators. This indicator is the work of Markos Katsanos. I have ported...
  3. BenTen

    VWAP Volume Breakout Indicator for ThinkorSwim

    This breakout indicator identifies bullish and bearish trend when a candle crosses VWAP with abnormal volume. The way it defines high volume breakout is by using the Volume Average indicator with the length of 20 simple moving average. You can adjust this settings to your liking once you have...
  4. MerryDay

    All Buy / Sell Volume Pressure Indicators & Labels For ThinkOrSwim

    Chris's Enhanced Volume For ThinkOrSwim Buy / Sell Volume Pressure Percentages Buyers and Sellers is not information available in the data feeds. When we look at the movement of price in comparison to volume, it is called Volume Pressure. The scripts discussed here are representative of the...
  5. BenTen

    Volume Reversals Indicator for ThinkorSwim

    This indicator is just a simple modification of the original script called SJ_VSA_Reversals that was based on Volume Price Analysis (VPA). Someone wanted to turn the bubble signals into arrows so here it is. With the arrows, it just makes it easier for the signals to be displayed on your chart...
  6. horserider

    VWAP Average Indicator for ThinkorSwim

    A fast and slow moving average of the VWAP since someone requested it. Again never used it. Play with it and report any results. I see little use for it. ## VWAPMovAvg2Line_JQ # # two line simple or exponential moving average # by JQ 2008-08-31 # Not my own code... thinkMOney maybe def...
  7. horserider

    Sum of VWAP for specified period

    Takes the sum of the vwap over the period set in the indicator. User can set the date to start the study and it goes till present time. Posting as a request from a member. Never used it. No idea how it works. Anyone testing it please report results. # TS_PERIOD_VWAP #...
  8. horserider

    Volume Buy Sell Pressure with Hot Percent for ThinkorSwim

    Volume indicator showing total, buy, and sell volumes as a histogram. Also average volume as a line plot. Bars with a specified percent over the average volume are marked on the bar. Additional Volume information provided by labels. Rework of the previous study to show better representation of...
  9. Shinthus

    Mixed Volume Indicator for ThinkorSwim

    Here is mixed volume that shows the buying/selling in each individual volume bar. Be careful adding any more volume indicators on top of this one, like VolumeAvg. Everything else tends to cancel it out. Best used alone in the "volume" section of the studies. I typically use this to refine my...
  10. markos

    ThinkorSwim Total Volume Traded Indicator

    ThinkorSwim label to show the current total volume traded and the total volume of the previous trading day. declare upper; input aggregationPeriod = AggregationPeriod.DAY; def volume = volume(period = aggregationPeriod); def old_volume = volume(period = aggregationPeriod)[1]; AddLabel(yes...
  11. BenTen

    Jenkins Cycle Volume Indicator for ThinkorSwim

    That was part of the header for the source code below. I took it apart so that it would be easier to read. thinkScript Code #Jenkins Cycle Volume #hint jenkins_range: The number of shares traded for a trend reversal. #hint length: The number of trading days per year. ## NO ACTUAL OR IMPLIED...
  12. BenTen

    Unusual Volume For ThinkOrSwim

    Here is a scanner that will help you screen for stocks with unusual volume in ThinkorSwim. When a stock suddenly increased or decreased in trading volume, that means it's being traded at an unexpectedly high level and a lot of traders often take advantage of this. Create a new indicator in...
  13. BenTen

    Time Based Volume Indicator for ThinkorSwim

    Volume is the second most important trading indicator, according to CustomizedTrading. Here is a quick snippet of their introductory to the indicator. Robert from Researchtrade was able to convert the Time Based Volume indicator over to ThinkorSwim. Here is the full script. Notes: Cyan =...
  14. netarchitech

    Better Volume Indicator for ThinkorSwim

    # TS_BetterVolume_Indicator # A better volume indicator with color coded histogram plot that shows 4 different colors depending on price action and volume. # Yellow - Low volume for the size of the bar - Amateurs at work # White - Climax down # Blue -Climax up # Red - Churn - Pros buying at lows...
  15. netarchitech

    Volume Stats for ThinkOrSwim

    thinkScript Code #Volume Stats for ThinkOrSwim #Inputs input Show30DayAvg = yes; input ShowTodayVolume = yes; input ShowPercentOf30DayAvg = yes; input UnusualVolumePercent = 200; input Show30BarAvg = yes; input ShowCurrentBar = yes; #Volume Data def volLast30DayAvg = (volume(period =...
  16. BenTen

    Volume Price Confirmation Indicator (VPCI) for ThinkorSwim

    VPCI or known as Volume Price Confirmation Indicator was developed by Buff Dormeier. It plots the relationship between the price trend and the volume. The author states: I believe a falling trend and falling VPCI is a bullish indication. A falling trend and a rising VPCI is a bearish...
  17. BenTen

    Repaints Weis Wave Volume Indicator for ThinkorSwim

    Here is the Weis Wave Volume indicator for ThinkorSwim converted from the Lazy Bear's version over at TradingView. In addition, I also found another indicator called Weis Wave Volume with ZigZag so I'll include that in this post as well. thinkScript Code (Lazy Bear) # # @author LazyBear #...
  18. BenTen

    Volume Spread Analysis (VSA) Indicator for ThinkorSwim

    This is an indicator that signal potential reversals from the Volume Spread Analysis indicator. You will see a label that says, "Buy @ $X.X" for calls or "Sell @ $X.X" for short. Alert system is included. thinkScript Code # SJ_VSA_Reversals declare lower; # Arguments def length = 40...
  19. BenTen

    Volume Price Analysis (VPA) Indicator for ThinkorSwim

    Here is the Volume Price indicator for ThinkorSwim converted from NinjaTrader's VPA. Since there are several differences between the two platforms, some features and labels might be different. Please read the whole log below before using it. thinkScript Code # This is a conversion of the...

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