Vertical Lines for Asian, European and US Markets For ThinkOrSwim


I would like to have a (ThinkScript) vertical line created each day for the Asian, European and US Markets open and close. Does anyone have one available to share?
Here's one version that I have - run this on say a 15 minute aggregation. Remember this is an intraday study, so do not load on the daily

# Global Market Opens and Closes
# Vertical lines mark all open and closes
# Horizontal lines mark US, AUD opens and closes
# ThinkScript Chat Room Group 
# Added Close / Open Lines for US and AUD

declare hide_on_daily;

input Plot_Verticle_Line = yes;
input Show_US = yes;
input Show_London = yes;
input Show_Sydney = yes;
input Show_Asian = yes; #HINT Show_Asian: IMPORTANT, BE SURE to adjust for part of year where USA goes to Daylight Savings but Asia remains on Standard time
input US_Open = 0930;
input US_Close = 1600;
input GBP_Open = 0300;
input GBP_Close = 1130;
input AUD_Open = 1800;
input AUD_Close = 0000;
input JPY_Open = 1900; #HINT JPY_Open: IMPORTANT, BE SURE to adjust for part of year where USA goes to Daylight Savings but Asia remains on Standard time
input JPY_Close = 0100; #HINT JPT_Close: IMPORTANT, BE SURE to adjust for part of year where USA goes to Daylight Savings but Asia remains on Standard time
input US_Bond_Close = 1500;
input Metals_Futures_Close = 1700;

  AddVerticalLine(secondsFromTime(US_Open)[1] < 0 && secondsFromTime(US_Open) >= 0 and
                  Plot_Verticle_Line and 
                  Show_US, concat("US_Open", ""), Color.Green, curve.POINTS);
  AddVerticalLine(secondsFromTime(US_Close)[1] < 0 && secondsFromTime(US_Close) >= 0 and
                  Plot_Verticle_Line and 
                  Show_US, concat("US_Close", ""), Color.Green, curve.POINTS);
   def AUDopen = if secondsFromTime(AUD_Open)[1] < 0 && 
                    secondsFromTime(AUD_Open) >= 0 
                 then barnumber() 
                 else AUDopen[1];
   def DataAUDopenLine = if barnumber()-1 == AudOpen 
                         then if IsNaN(barnumber()) 
                              then HighestAll(open[1]) 
                              else open[1] 
                         else DataAUDopenLine[1];

  AddVerticalLine(secondsFromTime(AUD_Open)[1] < 0 && 
                  secondsFromTime(AUD_Open) >= 0 and 
                  Plot_Verticle_Line and 
                  Show_Sydney, concat("AUD_Open", " "), Color.Yellow, curve.POINTS);

   def AUDclose = if secondsFromTime(AUD_Close)[1] < 0 && 
                    secondsFromTime(AUD_Close) >= 0 
                  then barnumber() 
                  else AUDclose[1];
   def DataAUDcloseLine = if barnumber()-1 == Audclose 
                          then if IsNaN(barnumber()) 
                               then HighestAll(close[1]) 
                               else close[1] 
                          else DataAUDcloseLine[1];
AddVerticalLine(secondsFromTime(AUD_Close)[1]<0 && secondsFromTime(AUD_Close) >=0 and
                Plot_Verticle_Line and 
                Show_Sydney, concat("AUD_Close",""),Color.Yellow, curve.POINTS);
  AddVerticalLine(secondsFromTime(JPY_Open)[1] < 0 && 
                  secondsFromTime(JPY_Open) >= 0 and 
                  Plot_Verticle_Line and 
                  Show_Asian, concat("JPY_Open", ""), Color.Red, curve.POINTS);

  AddVerticalLine(secondsFromTime(JPY_Close)[1] < 0 && 
                  secondsFromTime(JPY_Close) >= 0 and 
                  Plot_Verticle_Line and 
                  Show_Asian, concat("JPY_Close", ""), Color.Red, curve.POINTS);
  AddVerticalLine(secondsFromTime(GBP_Open)[1] < 0 && 
                  secondsFromTime(GBP_Open) >= 0 and 
                  Plot_Verticle_Line and 
                  Show_London, concat("GBP_Open", ""), Color.Blue, curve.POINTS);

  AddVerticalLine(secondsFromTime(GBP_Close)[1] < 0 && 
                  secondsFromTime(GBP_Close) >= 0 and 
                  Plot_Verticle_Line and 
                  Show_London, concat("GBP_Close", ""), Color.Blue, curve.POINTS);
# US Bond Close
  AddVerticalLine(secondsFromTime(US_Bond_Close)[1] < 0 && 
                  secondsFromTime(US_Bond_Close) >= 0 and 
                  Plot_Verticle_Line and 
                  Show_London, concat("US_Bond_Close", ""), Color.Plum, curve.POINTS);
# Metals Futures Close
  AddVerticalLine(secondsFromTime(Metals_Futures_Close)[1] < 0 && 
                  secondsFromTime(Metals_Futures_Close) >= 0 and 
                  Plot_Verticle_Line and 
                  Show_London, concat("Metal_Futs_Close", ""), Color.Orange, curve.POINTS);
# End Code
Hi MBF, I don't get here much lately. Use the format below as a template to put the Globex open / close on your chart.

# Time Reminders
AddVerticalLine(secondsTillTime(0930) == 0, "RTH", color.cyan, Curve.Short_Dash);
AddVerticalLine(secondsTillTime(1030) == 0, "End EU", color.cyan, Curve.Short_Dash);
AddVerticalLine(secondsTillTime(1200) == 0, "Lunch", color.cyan, Curve.Short_Dash);
AddVerticalLine(secondsTillTime(1500) == 0, "Lst Hr", color.cyan, Curve.Short_Dash);
AddVerticalLine(secondsTillTime(1615) == 0, "RTH End", color.cyan, Curve.Short_Dash);
Hello. I am new to ThinkScript, but hardly new to programming (30+ years).

I want to draw a collection of vertical lines, separated by a user-defined number of days, that can be placed on a day chart and dragged to different locations on that chart.

For example, I want to draw a vertical line at 9 days, 19 days, 43 days, and 65 days starting from an arbitrary, dragable point. The relative position of each would be a parameter in the scripts (using the Input keyword). In effect, I want to create a drawing surface that can be moved, and on that surface draw vertical lines (using, I suppose, the AddVerticalLine function).

Is this possible? If so, can someone please point me to a tutorial or example that might help me get started? Thanks in advance for all suggestions.
Thanks. I had no idea that there was a built-in drawing tool that does this. I will investigate more. And thanks also for the link; I will check that out, as well. It seems that what I want is really a new drawing tool. Drawing tools place their lines on a movable canvas that can be moved independently from the chart. I don't see a way to create one programatically.
This paints a vertical line 10 from the right hand side. Not 10 from the last bar with a value (be careful if you have an expansion area)
declare upper;

def t_bars = highestAll(barNumber());

addVerticalLine(barNumber() == t_bars - 10, "-10", color.lime);

Greetings team,

Could someone show me how I could create a script to paint a horizontal line at the close of bar at a certain time of the day?

For example, to see a horizontal line painted at the close of a 5min bar at 10:30AM everyday.

Its the time element that is confusing me.

Thanks in advance.
I would like a label 10 minutes before the following AddVerticalLine time. The Label can simple read "10 Min Before Reversal"

AddVerticalLine(SecondsTillTime(1010) == 0, “R”, Color.DARK_GRAY, Curve.FIRM);
Thanx for the reply...but what about a singular vertical line just for purposes of marking reference period on the chart?
Here is some example code to help you along... For more information, check out the AddVerticalLine() function in the Learning Center...

input Start = 0930;
input End = 1600;
def StartTime = SecondsFromTime(Start) == 0;
def EndTime = SecondsFromTime(End) == 0;
AddVerticalLine(StartTime, "Start", Color.GREEN, Curve.SHORT_DASH);
AddVerticalLine(EndTime, "End", Color.GREEN, Curve.SHORT_DASH);

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