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This thread will be housing all questions that have little to no details. In order for us to help answer your question, you must do your part as well.

When posting your question, consider adding the following details:
  1. What is it that you need help with?
  2. Give the name of the indicator(s) you need help with
  3. If you have a code snippet, what does it do?
  4. If your question is unusual, be sure to include images (tutorial on how to attach an image).
Lack of content, reference, and/or details in your post will be moved here. This thread is locked by default. If your questions get moved into this thread, you know what that means. Go ahead and repost your question again with more information.


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Hello everyone,

New to coding... have a few great ideas for an indicator but have hit countless roadblocks trying to code it myself. If anyone would be able to spare some time to help it would be greatly appreciate. I have the idea and the starting code i can send over. Please let me know, TIA!

JuicyStockz 🍻
What's going on, I have been trying to code a script for supply and demand zones and I almost have it finished. However, when I change time frames it changes the zones even though I coded for the aggression period to be set to whatever I want. Can y'all help me figure out why it doesn't keep the zone that the period is set to?
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