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This thread will be housing all questions that have little to no details. In order for us to help answer your question, you must do your part as well.

When posting your question, consider adding the following details:
  1. What is it that you need help with?
  2. Give the name of the indicator(s) you need help with
  3. If you have a code snippet, what does it do?
  4. If your question is unusual, be sure to include images (tutorial on how to attach an image).
Lack of content, reference, and/or details in your post will be moved here. This thread is locked by default. If your questions get moved into this thread, you know what that means. Go ahead and repost your question again with more information.
There any scrip to look for a range of dates and range time frame: Sample I need look for the last 30 minutes at the market (3:30/4:00) , candles 5', from 08/01 to 08/28,


Wilman Villegas
I've stumbled across multiple arguments lately that time is more relevant in determining support/resistance than a specific price level, although I haven't allowed this to change my strategy (I strictly trade S&P mini), I'm curious as to what other people think about this argument. Any thoughts?
Rich (BB code):

def Ctriky = if trick1 =1 then 1 else 0;

rec counter_CALL;
if (Ctriky == 1) { 
counter_CALL = 1;
} else { if (counter_CALL[1] == 1)
counter_CALL = counter_CALL[1] + 1;
} else {

counter_CALL = 0;

Each time the "Ctriky" definition marks 1, it must be stored in "counter_CALL" the number of times "Ctriky" has marked 1, for example: if "Ctriky" has marked 5 times the number 1 then counter_CALL should show the number 5 .

I appreciate any support.

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There is any way, to make a scanner , that find a consolidation that is on the VWAP for 10 min , I would like to find stocks waiting for the break to the upside or downside

Hey. I was invited to a script on trading view that is really profitable but I can’t seem to figure out how to replicate it but I think it has to do so with something with hieken ashi candle tend changing. He claims that it’s made out of a slew of indicators But I have no way of sharing the code but I’ve just been trying to go out it for days and days and I was just wondering if anyone had any experience with utilizing the power of a ha candle trend change

Will upload photos
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Hey guys....I have a thinkscript code for a watch list for an MA cross....I'm Try to figure out how to add how many bars ago this happened on a 2hr T/F.


I am thinking of a pattern/shape such as W or M auto plot or as an indicator.

Is it possible to plot / recognize such patterns with scan or chart

Example : 5 min char for SPY

W- long

M - short

Hello, I have tried to convert one of my TradingView indicators to Thinkorswim, but my limited knowledge of pine script has hit a wall. I would like to see if someone on this forum is willing to help with it.

It is not a terribly complicated indicator. I just am not sure how to convert some of the functions. Please let me know if you are interested in helping me with this and I can send you the code.

Thank you so much in advance!
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