Supertrend Indicator by Mobius for ThinkorSwim

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Its working great.. U always rocking...

"Paris: Here's SuperTrend MTF for those interested, from my archives - complete with notes posted at the time the study was released"

# SuperTrend Multiple Time Frames
# Mobius
# V03.01.2016

# I pulled this study down from MyTrade for a reason. It wasn't
# plotting correctly with the multiple aggregations. And like
# all studies with secondary aggregations it tends to replot the
# higher ones. I decided to think about it some more and this is
# where I am with the ST MTF study now.
# It's still squirrely and blinks a lot. Using declare Once_Per_Bar
# does some bad things to it. I was considering making intra
# aggregation higher time frames. A pain to do but it gives more
# control over how it plots.
# Row 6 is supposed to be the output for all aggregations and the
# signal line. After hours when data isn't moving it's steady and
# has good signals. But since it's after hours, totally useless
# for any intraday trading.

declare lower;

input agg1 = AggregationPeriod.Five_Min;
input agg2 = AggregationPeriod.Ten_Min;
input agg3 = AggregationPeriod.Fifteen_Min;
input agg4 = AggregationPeriod.Thirty_Min;
input agg5 = AggregationPeriod.Hour;
input AtrMult = .70;
input nATR = 4;
input AvgType = AverageType.HULL;

script ST{
input agg = AggregationPeriod.Five_Min;
input AtrMult = .70;
input nATR = 4;
input AvgType = AverageType.HULL;
def Fh = FundamentalType.High;
def Fl = FundamentalType.Low;
def Fc = FundamentalType.Close;
def Fhl2 = FundamentalType.HL2;
def h = Fundamental(Fh, period = agg);
def l = Fundamental(Fl, period = agg);
def c = Fundamental(Fc, period = agg);
def hl = Fundamental(Fhl2, period = agg);
def ATR = MovingAverage(AvgType, TrueRange(h, c, l), nATR);
def UP = hl + (AtrMult * ATR);
def DN = hl + (-AtrMult * ATR);
def S = if c < S[1]
        then Round(UP / tickSize(), 0) * tickSize()
        else Round(DN / tickSize(), 0) * tickSize();
plot ST = if c > S then 1 else 0;
def cl = close;
def x = isNaN(cl[2]) and !isNaN(cl[3]);
def FirstAgg = ST(agg = agg1, AtrMult = AtrMult, nATR = nATR, AvgType = AvgType);
plot FirstAggPlot = if isNaN(cl)
                    then double.nan
                    else 1;
FirstAggPlot.AssignValueColor(if FirstAgg == 1
AddChartBubble(x, 1, (agg1/1000/60) + " min", color.white, yes);
def SecondAgg = ST(agg = agg2, AtrMult = AtrMult, nATR = nATR, AvgType = AvgType);
plot SecondAggPlot = if isNaN(cl)
                     then double.nan
                     else 2;
SecondAggPlot.AssignValueColor(if SecondAgg == 1
AddChartBubble(x, 2, (agg2/1000/60) + " min", color.white, yes);
def ThirdAgg = ST(agg = agg3, AtrMult = AtrMult, nATR = nATR, AvgType = AvgType);
plot ThirdAggPlot = if isNaN(cl)
                    then double.nan
                    else 3;
ThirdAggPlot.AssignValueColor(if ThirdAgg == 1
AddChartBubble(x, 3, (agg3/1000/60) + " min", color.white, yes);
def FourthAgg = ST(agg = agg4, AtrMult = AtrMult, nATR = nATR, AvgType = AvgType);
plot FourthAggPlot = if isNaN(cl)
                     then double.nan
                     else 4;
FourthAggPlot.AssignValueColor(if FourthAgg == 1
AddChartBubble(x, 4, (agg4/1000/60) + " min", color.white, yes);
def FifthAgg = ST(agg = agg5, AtrMult = AtrMult, nATR = nATR, AvgType = AvgType);
plot FifthAggPlot = if isNaN(cl)
                    then double.nan
                    else 5;
FifthAggPlot.AssignValueColor(if FifthAgg == 1
AddChartBubble(x, 5, (agg5/1000/60)+ " min", color.white, yes);
plot Six = if isNaN(cl)
           then double.nan
           else 6;
Six.AssignValueColor(if FirstAgg and
                        SecondAgg and
                        ThirdAgg and
                        FourthAgg and
                     else if !FirstAgg and
                             !SecondAgg and
                             !ThirdAgg and
                             !FourthAgg and
# End Code ST MTF
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