1. S

    Drip's 11am rule breakout/breakdown For ThinkOrSwim

    converted, check below CODE: #// This source code is subject to the terms of the Mozilla Public License 2.0 at https://mozilla.org/MPL/2.0/ #// © sensir #indicator("Drip's 11am rule breakout/breakdown", overlay = true) # converted and mod by [email protected] - 03/2023 input timeFilter =...
  2. S

    Support Resistance with Breaks and Retests for ThinkOrSwim

    * Not Typical converting. Creator Message: https://www.tradingview.com/script/Xeeko6TV-Support-Resistance-with-Breaks-and-Retests/ CODE: #// This source code is subject to the terms of the Mozilla Public License 2.0 at https://mozilla.org/MPL/2.0/ #// © nsadeghi #...
  3. S

    VWOP: Volume Weighted & Oscillated Price for ThinkOrSwim

    Creator Message: Normal VWAP = (Number of Shares Bought x Typical Price) / Total Volume In VWOP Calculation, typical price is replaced by selected moving average type or "matype" and then multiplied by the volume . Then a total value is calculated using math.sum with a length value that changes...
  4. M

    SuperTrend + RSI Trigger

    nothing shows up when I copy the script
  5. J

    SQN Indicator For ThinkOrSwim

    https://www.tradingview.com/script/ZhHf4DFD-SQN-ChrisD-Fallible/ Wondering if @samer800 or another could convert the following to thinkscript. Tradingview link above
  6. J

    Graphing percent change from yesterday's close

    How may I graph the percent change from yesterday's close? This is what I have so far: input symb = "SPX"; def yestclose = close(symb, AggregationPeriod.DAY)[1]; def close = close(symb); def percchange = ( (close - yestclose) / yestclose) * 100; plot data_percchange = percchange; I am trying...
  7. maverickmitch

    Memory Usage of Custom Studies

    Is there a way to identify how much load custom studies has on your memory/how much it uses the TOS servers?
  8. T

    I have always struggled with this since day one

    I have been trading for two years now, and sadly i cannot say im a consistently proftiable trader. and iv gotten to a point where i truly believe it has something to do with my R/R. I have struggled constantly with this due to the fact that I dont know exactly how many shares to take each trade...
  9. 3AMBH

    ATR static line as stoploss and profit target. NOT trailing stop

    This code is very helpful. Thanks for coding it for us. How could I modify it so when a trade is placed the levels will show across the chart and NOT just over each bar? I use the code today and the levels showed a small mark above the first candle, etc. I am using the code on an options...
  10. M

    Moxie Indicator for ThinkorSwim

    I did some digging on the moxie and found a person on trading view that has successfully mimicked the moxie indicator. It does line up with the videos of the real thing. Some of you here are amazing coders and may be able to convert this to thinkscript. I am still trying to decipher what is...
  11. J

    Prior high and low & 50% of the previous candle as labels?

    Hi all, I am Looking to see if someone can please write a code for the prior high and low and the 50% level of the previous candle to be put in a tab in the upper left corner of the chart that can be colored. The first column should be the High of the previous candle, the middle column should...
  12. BenTen

    Accumulation/Distribution Divergence for ThinkorSwim

    Based on this description, I asked @korygill to help me plot the previous day high and low of the default AccumDistBuyPr indicator provided by ThinkorSwim. Since we're looking for possible divergences, we would need to also plot the previous day high and low of the stock. Luckily, there is...
  13. markos

    Implied Move Based on Weekly Options for ThinkorSwim

    Implied or Expected Move Based on Weekly Options Indicator - Per the Picture, this can be used Intraday. If you trade options and don't have a way of knowing how the market it pricing them, you may be missing out! # Weekly Options Implied Volatility Plotted intraday # Mobius # Chat Room...
  14. markos

    SLIM Ribbon Indicator for ThinkorSwim

    Mr. Slim Miller was one of the original OEX pit traders at the CBOE. His website is askSLIM dot com. This indicator is very customizable. Alerts are built in, you can use regular candles if you wish, you can turn all of the EMA's off and the color of the ribbon will still be there. If you...
  15. BenTen

    Moving Average Crossovers For ThinkOrSwim

    This is just a simple indicator for moving average crossover but added scanner, cloud, and alerts for additional visual effect and enhancement. For example, if 5/10 EMA crossover is your strategy, then this indicator plot an up arrow on the golden cross and down arrow on the death cross. You...
  16. BenTen

    MACD Format, Triggers, Scan, Label, Watchlist For ThinkOrSwim

    This indicator will scan for stocks with bearish and bullish MACD crossover on your watchlist and display it via a column. By default, it will look for crossover within the last 5 bars. You can change the lookback period to your liking in the code below. It works on all timeframe. Be sure to...
  17. BenTen

    Moving Average Crossover RSI Indicator for ThinkorSwim

    This script plot the 5 SMA (Simple Moving Average) of the RSI (Relative Strength Index) inside the default RSI indicator. Inspired by the Thandicator by Thanson Stevens on TradingView. thinkScript Code # # TD Ameritrade IP Company, Inc. (c) 2007-2019 # Tweaked by @korygill #...

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