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  1. Mohammad

    ADX Di+ Di- For ThinkOrSwim

    Request any expert to convert the following ADX which seems to have unique calculations; just the calculation piece of the TV code below. I will try to figure out the color changes and alerts. This TV ADX indicator give different info than the ToS one and it appears to me that the calculations...
  2. FutureTony

    Repaints MTF New Week Opening Gap (NWOG) For ThinkOrSwim

    For those that follow the ICT community, there has been a lot of discussion on the gap that forms when globex trading opens up on Sunday (NWOG). This concept is very similar to something I had already been using so I reworded that to create an indicator that displays the last 3 gaps for your...
  3. samer800

    Smart QQE Mod for ThinkOrSwim

    Creator Message: https://www.tradingview.com/v/X72V8xjH/ CODE: #// This source code is subject to the terms of the Mozilla Public License 2.0 at https://mozilla.org/MPL/2.0/ #// © traderharikrishna #https://www.tradingview.com/v/X72V8xjH/ #indicator("Smart QQE",overlay=true) #// Credits to Glaz...
  4. samer800

    VWOP: Volume Weighted & Oscillated Price for ThinkOrSwim

    Creator Message: Normal VWAP = (Number of Shares Bought x Typical Price) / Total Volume In VWOP Calculation, typical price is replaced by selected moving average type or "matype" and then multiplied by the volume . Then a total value is calculated using math.sum with a length value that changes...
  5. M

    SuperTrend + RSI Trigger

    nothing shows up when I copy the script
  6. R

    RSI Divergence Upper and Lower For ThinkOrSwim

    MOD NOTE: This indicator will show the dots but the divergence lines are INFREQUENT.. Posts complaining that the INFREQUENT divergence lines are not appearing will be deleted. I wanted to share this since I received it from Mobius. In order to have RSI divergence lines on the chart here is the...
  7. samer800

    Expected Liquidity Range for ThinkOrSwim

    Creator Message: Simple but effective script that displays Liquidity Premium/ Discount areas in an adaptive way based on key Fibonacci levels. You can increase or decrease the 'Period' value in the Settings to adjust the gap between the lines as you see fit. By default the value is '46' which...
  8. J

    SQN Indicator For ThinkOrSwim

    https://www.tradingview.com/script/ZhHf4DFD-SQN-ChrisD-Fallible/ Wondering if @samer800 or another could convert the following to thinkscript. Tradingview link above
  9. Wiinii

    Previous Day High/Low/Close + Premarket High/Low + High/Low/Open of Day + ATR Lines for ThinkorSwim

    I looked around for a script with all the things and didn't see one, so I made one. You can change the colors and transparency of the bubbles under Globals as seen in 2nd pic, adjust the bubbles position to a specific time, and there is an option to turn off the bubbles altogether. By default...
  10. J

    Graphing percent change from yesterday's close

    How may I graph the percent change from yesterday's close? This is what I have so far: input symb = "SPX"; def yestclose = close(symb, AggregationPeriod.DAY)[1]; def close = close(symb); def percchange = ( (close - yestclose) / yestclose) * 100; plot data_percchange = percchange; I am trying...
  11. maverickmitch

    Memory Usage of Custom Studies

    Is there a way to identify how much load custom studies has on your memory/how much it uses the TOS servers?
  12. samer800

    Turtle Trade Channels Indicator(TuTCI) for ThinkOrSwim

    I added to the below more setting to remove/add lines and signals with option to use the indicator in different timeframe. Release Note: Legendary trade system which proved that great traders can be made, not born. Turtle Trade Experiment made 80% annual return for 4 years and made 150 million...
  13. T

    I have always struggled with this since day one

    I have been trading for two years now, and sadly i cannot say im a consistently proftiable trader. and iv gotten to a point where i truly believe it has something to do with my R/R. I have struggled constantly with this due to the fact that I dont know exactly how many shares to take each trade...
  14. samer800

    Jurik RSX "noise free RSI" for ThinkOrSwim

    "noise free" version of RSI. I modified the original code and added dynamic band and divergence. Use this indicator just like RSI . I have set the default length to 14, feel free to experiment. You can reduce length with out worrying about jaggedness. #// Copyright (c) 2019-present, Alex...
  15. P

    ThinkOrSwim Labels For Daily Open + Yesterday's High, Low, Close

    please I need help to create upper label for the price open, , yesterday high, and low and yesterday close, really appreciate any help with create it. Thx
  16. D

    TTM_Wave For ThinkorSwim

    In my watchlists I would like to add a column where I can see the values of the TTM Wave for each stock. Can someone assist with the code part? I know how to add columns to my watchlists, etc. Essentially I want to run a pre-market scan to see for example TTM Waves that are greater than +2 or...
  17. justAnotherTrader

    The trend is your friend

    So a lot of us know the old adage the trend is your friend. Furthermore a lot of us would know an uptrend if we seen one, but very few of us know how to scan for an uptrending stock. For us that go long on stocks, we use several different techniques to help us decide whether or not to take a...
  18. BenTen

    Auto Volatility Standard Deviation Levels for ThinkorSwim

    This indicator will plot volatility based standard deviation levels for the S&P 500 (SPY) and some futures instruments such as /ES, /NQ, and /RTY. How does this work? The standard deviation levels are based on the previous day closing value of $SPY and $VIX. The indicator was ported to...
  19. A

    Create a custom strategy from Hull moving average

    Hey! I would like to turn the default thinkorswim Hull moving average into a custom strategy. Whenever the color of the hull moving average slope changes its color from up / down I’d like the strategy to open / close an order only on the close of the candle / bar. In addition I would like an...
  20. zeek

    ThinkorSwim Bookmap Order Flow

    TD hinted a while ago in their TOS changelog that Bookmap orderflow could be coming to its platform. I am pretty excited about this because i`ve seen how this tool can be of great benefit in intraday trading. Havn`t heard anything new so just curious if anyone else know of a possible launchdate?

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