Is ThinkorSwim down? I can't login: Update Error Build


Is ThinkorSwim currently down for anyone? What are the current problems and status with their server? I can't login to TOS at the moment.
ThinkorSwim is currently down. Most likely due to the undergoing weekend maintenance and update. Please wait and try again tomorrow.

Mine went down as soon as I closed and reopened TOS... All of my systems are down and I'm running blindly on TD Ameritrade and on mobile TOS...
TD Ameritrade’s free trading platform Thinkorswim is down and not working for a large number of users. Hundreds of people have taken to Twitter to complain that the service is stuck on installing update. Thinkorswim has confirmed in a tweet that it was going to update the service over the weekend. As a result, the launch could take longer than expected.

Replying to Insider Paper’s tweet, one affected user said that Thinkorswim went down at 6:15 AM Pacific Time on August 17. Another user said he restarted his computer five times, hoping it would fix the ‘installing update’ problem. The alerts were also not working.

The problem appears to be affecting both desktop and smartphone versions of the platform. Twitter user Tim Moore said the service worked just fine on his iPhone, but Thinkorswim was not working on his Mac.

Twitter user GaslightCapital told Insider Paper that they managed to get past the updates and landed on the log-in screen. But when they tried to log-in to the service, the platform said it was unable to connect to the Internet. GaslightCapital restarted the software and found themselves back to square one: the ‘installing update’ page.

Those who tried to reach the company’s customer support encountered a frustrating 30 minutes of wait time.
Been using TOS for almost a year and it's down 4 times at least not counting times with delay, I would use it for charting but definitely consider a second/main execution platform
I was warning last week when they were doing prep work. Touched base with Benten on Twitter. This has happened many times in the past. Things always get worked out but lowest priority are custom watchlists and scans. Good luck everyone. Thinkorswim is the Ferrari of platforms. Temperamental to say the least.

Speaking for this trader/investor ... I'm sick of it.
imo, the incentive for senior execs isnt aligned with their customers. if tos removed all eps estimates and said we're going to spend $100mm+ upgrading infrastructure, options comp would be worthless for execs. When you judge corps month by month, this happens

Although massive mutual funds probably wouldnt care, the raft of downgrades would make alot of others exit their stock as folks see spending money as neg for earnings.

Where I live, last week it was power utilities and isps failing, this week its tos. Maybe they should look at amzn, nflx, googl for a positive example ofr what investing in tech does
Just a heads up, TD Ameritrade seems to have fixed the issue. The desktop platform is now loading and connecting properly.

Edit: Experiencing occasional snags in the live data connection.
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I've changed brokers when it crashed last time but I miss it:( the platform is the best of the best IMO. Just wish it was a bit more reliable. I heard a idea of Schwab adding a monthly fee to make a premium service and leaving SSE their free platform. If that makes it more stable, you'll have me in.

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