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Indicators Not Working in ThinkorSwim Mobile App


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A number of thinkScript features are known to have issues on the mobile apps
  1. Different time aggregations
  2. Bubbles
  3. Labels
  4. Plots between days
  5. Extension area

How to Fix Indicators Not Working on ThinkorSwim App

For Mobile: You must first create the study on TOS desktop. Use a text editor like Notepad++ or other .txt file creator and copy - paste the script at the top of the page. The # symbol is used at the front of each line to "comment out" those lines that won't work. Do same in Thinkscript editor if you would rather. Comment out everything but the bare necessities. Save that as your "StudyName_Mobile" file. The rest is trial and error from my vantage point. Load it on your mobile phone and the settings that should work aught to be on the mobile study set up page.

Feel free to call the super secret phone number for help if you get stuck. Most of those people are on top of things.
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I recently discovered this indicator and it fits my methodology perfectly. Question, there is no way to use this indicator on thinkorswim mobile apparently. I'm trying to understand what is happening with the indicator to calculate and wondering if any other indicator on thinkorswim mobile is close enough to use if I'm away from my trading computer?

Here is a snapshot of the settings that I'm using on the daily and hourly chart.



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I don’t think this will work on their mobile app. The ToS app itself is very limited.

Yeah I saw that. I was asking if someone might be able to explain how the indicator is calculating. I see it is using ATR 5 period with a 1.5 reversal amount and 0.5 reversal. I originally thought what was happening that once the underlying moves 1.5 x ATR 5 then the zig zag would change direction, but it doesn't look that way when you calculate the numbers.
Markos or anyone: I thought the TOS mobile app is limited to the crummy studies they have on it. Are you saying we can use the indicators from our TOS desktop on the TOS mobile app? How do we do that? Thanks.
@Tradervic That’s correct, only ToS built-in indicators will work on the mobile app. There are exceptions for some custom indicators though. You just have to load it up and see if they work.
my experience is custom indicators will work just not the ones listed above like vertical lines or labels or bubbles or color changes for slopes and lines and things like that, arrows work lines work most everything works clouds do not work but dots work. it is just trail and error till you get it to look the way you want it too.
Certain ways of plotting may not work on mobile. Often, you'll just have to find other ways to have it do the same thing. For example, using conditions in AssignValueColor to assign color depending on the direction of a plot may not work. In this case, you'll have to have a plot for up and another plot for down and then use SetDefaultColor to defined the color for each direction. Example...

data.AssignValueColor(if data >0 then Color.Green else if data < 0 then Color.RED else Color.GRAY);

So instead of the line above, we may have to do something like...

plot upCond = if(data > 0, data, Double.Nan);
plot dnCond = if(data < 0, data, Double.Nan);

So you may just have to find another method of getting the same result.
@tradegeek i'm not using conditional for colors. Might be some Mathematical computations. I will comment my code and check line by line.
Some of my indicators that have dynamic coloring don't display properly on my Android (Samsung) phone with the TOS mobile app. I would like to get a tablet that displays the indicators correctly. Would a tablet with Windows display my indicators the same as the do on my Windows desktop? Would a Windows tablet allow me to use the TOS drawing tools?
Hi guys,

Is there anyway that the comparison study can be made into a custom study that can be used on mobile? As of right now the study can only be used on desktop and the study allows you to overlay your chart with another stock symbol so you can compare the two. Mobile doesn’t have access to the study.

Gotcha thanks. It is quite limited, more than I would like. Especially considering the two symbol overlay possible on yahoo finance on mobile, yet tos doesn’t on mobile like desktop lol.
Is it possible to plot the current ask for the aggregation period as a line on a lower study that will work on mobile? Or to plot candles?
Hi, I notice that TOS mobile does not show correct indicator.
for example, please compare RSI length 5 on 1h chart between TOS desktop and TOS mobile.
Do you see the same values? I don't :(
That is because the chart on your ToS mobile app uses a slightly different setting. More specifically, it has the option called "Start aggregations at market open" unchecked.

You can make the ToS desktop version to match your mobile app but not vice versa.


Also, pay attention to see if extended hours is enabled for either version. That could change the value of the same indicator.

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