How to insert image in a post thread?

Notice you're having trouble with uploading images on the site. Sorry for the extra work. Here is a little tutorial to help:

1. Go to

2. Upload your image by clicking on the New post (green button on the top left hand corner, next to logo).

3. Click Choose Photo/Video then Select your file.


4. Once the image is uploaded, hover the mouse over to the image and you should see a button with 3-dots in it.


5. Click on that and select "Get Share Link" > Under BBCode (Forums) click Copy link


6. Paste that link into our post editor like the following. If you have multiple images...


Is there a Z Score label showing the value on the top, instead of the lower study, to save screen space? @BenTen
Is there an upload of an image button, instead of having to go through an HTTP link?
Is there, or could we, rank the message or threads by the most popular reading/response?
Where do I read all the messages that responded to my questions (like an inbox, not having to go to the thread one by one) and keep them?


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@Jonas99 There is no need to start a topic and fill it with one question after another... That's just abusing these forums... Either post in each topic related to your question or use Edit and add your questions in a single post... Use some forum etiquette, PLEASE...!!! And be patient because very few members are here that often... I, on the other hand, am here on and off throughout the day so I see what's happening and the recent influx of new members and trading novices is making it very difficult to keep up... We expect ample research before posting questions... In addition, spending ample time in the Learning Center would serve you well...

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