Combine a Pivot study with Fib study for double confirmation


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Have been thinking about this idea for a while and wanted to ask if this is possible to code into a new script. So basically what i`m looking for is a combination of the FibChoices v.1 study by @BLT posted here and the Woodies Pivots study. And more specifically, i want to combine these two studies to find out when a retracement/upper extension level in FibChoices coincide with one of the 3 resistance levels in Woodies study. So for example, let`s say the R3 Pivot is at price 10.50 and there is also currently an extension level in FibChoices at price 10.49. So they are very close to each other and whenever these prices coinside, i want to be notified by an alert sound and possibly also a label that lights up and says "match" for example. The price margin should be +- 3 cents.

Can this be coded?

And if you`re asking me why i don`t combine these two studies on the same chart already is because i use them on different timeframes and prefer it that way. It`s also the alert function i am mostly interested in so if anyone can have a look at this and maybe help me code it, would be very grateful.
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