Add vertical line at exact moment, not at start of period



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Whenever I add a line, for example when equity price crosses above the VIX line, the vertial line is not placed exactly under the spot where this happens. What do I need to do so that the vertical line is added at the exact moment that this occurs?


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Well, that all depends on what price you are using... And it also depends on whether that price is available prior to the closing of that bar... There is no Close on the current bar, only previous bars... That is why many indicators use the previous bar... Once closed you have Open, High, Low, and Close to choose from... If Last can be used it will give quicker signals but may also repaint...

Remember, stock charts are used to show what has already happened - even if it happened right now... However, there are a few indicators that are forward looking... Charts repaint after every price change...

Case in point, "the vertical line is not placed exactly under the spot where this happens" because it has already "happened"... Semantics are important...!!!

Are you using a specific indicator that is in question...???

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