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I am relatively new to TOS and until now have utilized the standard studies with some basic modification. I have installed some custom scripts that have been shared, but I do not know how to program it.

I am looking to create a watchlist column that will visually indicate to me when there was a recent EMA cross over. I think it should be pretty simple.

The column that I want is a EMA cross over for 5/13 EMA. Criteria:
  • cross over has occurred in last 3 bars on hourly chart.
  • 5/13 crosses above (in last 3 bars) background is green.
  • 5/13 crosses below (in last 3 bars) background is red.
  • There has been no cross over in last 3 bars background is black.

It would be nice if this script had variables in it that I can change if I want to i.e. EMA 5/13 or whatever, time frame i.e. hourly, 30 min, 15 min, etc. Background colors. This way, I could copy the script, modify and add to a new column for a different EMA cross over, etc.

Can someone help me out with this or direct me?

Thanks in advance!
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