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VWAP Volume Breakout Indicator for ThinkorSwim


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Thank you so much Mr Ben. One last question and i hope I am not annoying with this. In the screenshot below, is it possible to have the alert as function of the study instead of a fixed number?

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@fatulexus Any past alerts should appear on your Message Center tab.

based on my observation, not all sir. My alerts from TTM Squeeze or Sequence Counters disappear after it flash for like 3sec.

I personally would like any alert to stay until i close it.....or at the very least stay long enough for me to actually read it.

is that something customizable.

Thanks as usual


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Does anyone know how to write a 5-Minute VWAP strategy to show on a chart with arrows pointing to the candle that's crossing above/below? Would it be possible to also have a lower study using a custom input showing how many times over X times it gained/lost X %?

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@BenTen - thanks for creating this - this is awesome. I am trying to set up a scanner (and ultimately an alert) for when these conditions are true. I was able to set up the scanner and receive results (have configured: 1 BAR AND ("BULL = True" OR "Bear = true")), but when I look at the chart, it is not what I expect, since I would expect the blue arrows to be within the timeframe I configure on my filter (in this case 5 min). My end result that I am trying to get is a scanner that ONLY shows me the results for stocks that meat the condition within 5 minutes of present time. Hope that makes sense.


@vmseller Did you select the correct timeframe? Do you have pre-market enabled on your chart? If not, you would have to disable extended hours for your scanner as well.


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@BenTen Below is how I have it configured for BULL OR BEAR:
Offset: 0 (because I don't know what else to put there)
timeframe: "DAY"
WIthin 1 BAR
Agregation = 5Min (don't have extended hours selected)

Is there supposed to be a more aggressive "timeframe" option? It only shows day, week, month when editing inputs in "edit conditions" feature.

I would paste a couple screen captures, but can't figure out how to paste images. As an example, I have Aggregation set to 5 min, and clicked scan today at ~8:10AM PST. IPGP appeared on the scan results. I then went to the chart, expecting a blue arrow to be within 5 minutes of 8:10AM PST, but when I got to the chart, I could not see Blue arrow anywhere between 7:55AM and 8AM? (only blue arrow came through at 7:12AM.

Any help appreciated. Thanks again.
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@Ben - I have this alert set. Wondering how this scanner missed KODK ticker symbol today. I checked my message center and I don't see any alert getting generated for KODK.


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@satyarishi - can you tell me how you configured your scanner to alert? are you getting alerted for new stocks that are hitting the 2 deviations within 1 min, 5 min? I don't seem to be getting it to work on my end. My configuration is listed in the above comment. Let me know, thanks!


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Here is the modified code -

def VWAP = vwap();        # Changed this from plot to def  and commented out bearish plot at the end as well as the scanner can only have one plot for creating watch list

#plot UpperBand = price + numDevUp * deviation;
#plot LowerBand = price + numDevDn * deviation;


# Start Volume
input length = 20;
def Vol = volume;
def VolAvg = Average(volume, length);

def above_volume = Vol crosses above VolAvg;
def bullish_vwap = close crosses above VWAP;

plot bull = above_volume and bullish_vwap;

#def bearish_vwap = close crosses below VWAP;
#plot bear = above_volume and bearish_vwap;


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Hey @BenTen
I'm seeing a similar issue. I can see signals for this indicator on SPY's 5 min chart. I created a wishlist with just SPY in it and setup a custom scan as shown in this video (updating a few plots to def like above). Scan says "No matching results".


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Yes I scanned just now. Does the scan only look at data from the last "aggregation period"? Which is set to 5 min in my case.
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