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This study shows the up and down volume based on a bar's open versus closing price. It resets the counter based on a specified time of day. One could modify this code to reset the counter on a given weekday, once a month, etc. Adding an option for this as input may be a future enhancement, or perhaps someone else on this forum wants to add that.
  • If close is greater than open, add volume to upVolume.
  • If close is less than open, add volume to dnVolume.
  • If close is equal to open, add 1/2 volume to upVolume and dnVolume.
You can set a "mode" to display upVolume and dnVolume as "lines", or as a difference as a histogram.

Here is the code and a link to use in ThinkOrSwim that you can copy/paste into Setup | Open Shared Item.


# UpDownVolume
# Study to indicate volume on up and down bars.
# Author: Kory Gill, @korygill
# VERSION HISTORY (sortable date and time (your local time is fine), and your initials
# 20200216-1500-KG    - created
# ...
# ...

declare lower;
declare once_per_bar;

input startTime = 1015;
input timeOffsetFromEST = -300; #hint timeOffsetFromEST: 24-hour time offset from EST (-300 for PST)
input mode = {default line, histogram};

def nan = double.NaN;
def bn = BarNumber();
def vOpen = open;
def vClose = close;
def vVolume = volume;

def upVolume;
def dnVolume;
def sft = SecondsFromTime(startTime - timeOffsetFromEST);

def resetCounter = if (sft == 0
                       (sft[1] < 0 and sft > 0)
                      then 1
                      else 0;

if (bn == 1 or resetCounter)
    upVolume = 0;
    dnVolume = 0;
else if (vClose > vOpen)
    upVolume = upVolume[1] + volume;
    dnVolume = dnVolume[1];
else if (vClose < vOpen)
    upVolume = upVolume[1];
    dnVolume = dnVolume[1] + volume;
    upVolume = upVolume[1] + volume / 2;
    dnVolume = dnVolume[1] + volume / 2;

plot pUpVolume = if (mode == mode.line) then upVolume else nan;
plot pDnVolume = if (mode == mode.line) then dnVolume else nan;;

def diffVolume = upVolume - dnVolume;
plot pHistogram = if (mode == mode.histogram) then diffVolume else nan;
phistogram.AssignValueColor(if diffVolume < 0 then Color.Red else Color.Green);

# end of UpDownVolume

Link to use in ThinkOrSwim that you can copy/paste into Setup | Open Shared Item
UpDownVolume_v202002161500 @ https://tos.mx/kPD4coK

Kory Gill, @korygill
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You wouldn't happen to have this for a tos scan to look at difference over x amount? Thanks in advance.


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@korigill Would you please add an option to display it as Up/Down ratio? Thank you.

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