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ToS Performance Due To Studies



I have several very complex studies, which I'm afraid might be slowing down my ToS' performance.

I can enter a "#" in the source code to hide certain things, but I need to plot A LOT fields (which, as you know won't work if putting a "#" on the line of code that actually plots values/the study......so I was wondering if this might help me improve the performance:
- in the Properties for each study (the widget wheel on the far right of each study when selecting to 'edit study' from the chart), if I uncheck 'show plot'.

I'm thinking this because, for my studies the plots need to be enabled in the source code, but I can hide it on the chart....reason being that I use audible alerts, rather than visual things on the chart.

Would this help improve performance by disabling these features or is it still working on the back-end code and is just not shown on the chart?



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Any unused script code that can be commented out or removed will improve performance... I tend to gut existing code to only contain what I actively use and only add in things that makes my life easier... I also keep my timeframe as short as possible... If I am in an active trade I don't need more than 1 - 3 days of history... I'm not marrying the instrument, I'm scalp day trading and have already decided on that instrument - which in my case would be an option...

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