2020-08-24 Slow TOS Performance


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Curious as to whether anyone else has experienced extremely slow TOS performance this morning...???

When I say Sloooow I mean really slow... I'm talking 5 - 30 seconds for a mouse click to be recognized... The second most sluggish I've seen TOS... Even if I had funds left I wouldn't be making any trades... I ended up shutting down and rebooting all of my computers but that had zero effect... My broadband is performing well and everything else works fine except TOS... So slow that it turned what started out as a good up day into a losing day... Out of funds for additional trades today so hopefully tomorrow things will work better... And here I was excited to try a different trade strategy today which was working well... Went from excitement to disappointment... Trades were taking so long that by the time trades processed most went from winners to losers... :mad:

Edited to add: It's even been taking up to 30 minutes to exit TOS... The save progress bar just creeps along... Very strange... Maybe TDA is trying to weed out us small traders... Not that I'm implying that our membership is comprised of small traders, but some of us are... And smaller by the day at this rate... 😖

Edited to add: Here is my configuration save after 30 minutes...

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Well, after 1.5 hours on the phone with Technical Support there still isn't a definitive answer as to what is/was causing the problem... Nothing has changed much on any of my systems since last weeks update from a configuration standpoint but all three systems were lagging substantially...

The technician even tested my workspace and was shocked by how painfully slow everything was working... I knew the throughput was crazy high so we tried to determine which study/strategy might be the culprit but never pinpointed it so he will consult higher level support and programmers to see if they have any clues... It may be related to too many open chart windows with too many studies/strategies but all of my systems run different configurations yet all were just as slow... All other internet activity was running fast so it is definitely TOS related... Even running the Madrid_Moving_Average_Ribbons on at least 10 charts never slowed things to this extent and that's about 200 moving averages from that study alone on that many charts, but those were removed long before the last update...

I will post an update once he gets back to me with any findings... For now I will continue to search out the culprit and run a less robust configuration... Odd how I never had problems before the 1965 update but the tech stated that none of the updates should have effected performance... All I know for certain is that I really can't afford any additional losses due to TOS platform problems... Unlike Telephone, Cable, Internet, and other utilities, TOS isn't going to issue a credit to anyone for losses caused by their service issues...
Well, no trading today because even with TOS reset to factory default workspace with no running studies or anything all three systems are too slow... Internet is flying and multiple web browsers with multiple tabs open are performing flawlessly... It's definitely a TOS issue... Watchlists lag and freeze as do basic candlestick charts... Mouse clicks take 5 - 10 seconds, minimum, to respond... Even shutting down TOS is still taking far too long... Argh...!!! 😖

The only bright side, if there is such a thing, is that if I'm not trading I'm not losing money... But not making any either... Pretty stressed today... Sorry, just venting...
Update and Resolution:

After a couple hours of self-debugging I found a single three panel chart window layout, which was being used on all three of my systems, was corrupted... On all three systems, as soon as I deleted that window and cleaned up garbage the performance improved significantly... No more lagging or freezing up...

Throughput dropped to a fraction of what that window was causing... With that window in place the throughput would hang at or above 100% of the 260Kb scale (proven by analyzing log files as well as the performance panel) and without it the throughput hasn't spiked above 70Kb and is usually under 10Kb... And all that window had was three panels running charts with a HMA, RSI, Waddah Attar Explosion, and a custom study that monitors HMA and RSI... I push windows FAR beyond that without issues... Adding the window back in would render the systems useless...

I used the support chat system to inform them just in case they wanted to analyze that window but the tech wasn't interested so I've saved it for future reference... I really didn't want to waste my day doing TDA's /TOS's work for them but I was dead in the water and my lifetime of troubleshooting kicked in and my 36+ years of being an IT Tech came in handy... I have re-created the three panel window and all is well so tomorrow I can trade... Yay...!!! 🥳
Here are two throughput images to show the difference between the corrupt window and a properly working system... The normal image is of my laptop with 6 external trade windows and the corrupt external trade window being the only window other than the main TOS application window... Given enough time the corrupt window would eventually fill the entire throughput chart with nothing but red lines from bottom to top like a wall of red stripes...

TOS + 1 Corrupt Three Chart Panel Window


TOS + 6 External Chart Windows (some with multiple chart panels)


Quite a difference...!!!

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