Poor Performance Recently in ToS, anyone else?

I've noticed recently, specifically this past Friday and today at the open I placed trades right after the opening bell and the system got super laggy. It was pretty bad that it did not honor my stop order Friday and I took a decent loss. Hey it happens but that is why I use hard stops to prevent those.

It happened again today where I placed an order 9:33 am and noticed I never got a fill, but a few minutes later I see in my active trader the fill occurred. I did contact support Friday and again today. Spoke to 3 people, one did not know, second said they were having some issues Friday AM but was resolved, and then today said it was my internet/ping to their server (I am hard wired on a fast business network).

Has anyone else had issues in ToS? Is there something that I can do as it is a bit frustrating.
I placed an order 9:33 am and noticed I never got a fill, but a few minutes later I see in my active trader the fill occurred.

Something similar happened to me last week. I didn't know for more than 5 min that I had a live trade going. Sometimes I think I am too TOS-dependent. Especially with the Schwab buyout and the uncertainty of Schwab's priorities (Streetsmart Edge vs. TOS) for the next few years.
i had the same problem; known issue with TD, they are making changes to correct and prevent this from happening again. please report back if you see any other performance issues this trading week.
I used to run servers for a living. It's been happening since they made the switch to zero commission trades. The problem is they never updated their servers (or added servers) to handle the huge trading influx. That's the problem with going zero commission. So they have their old, clunky servers trying to handle these massive surges. They can't and it slows down.
Thanks for the replies. Still quite a bit of lag in the AMs for me this week.

Also - I wanted to add today I noticed on the price on chart did not match up with watchlist price and level II - this was around later morning.
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Tough performance this AM. Got in a trade, could not get out (was not even sure if I was still in it). Been on hold for 50 minutes with TD. Might be last straw for me & leaving TD. Just love the platform, but must be usable when I need it. :(
I'm not defending tos or anyone, but when retail traders want to treat the mkt as an ATM by acting like broker/dealers, they dealers slow it down so you can't.

My workaround which may not work for anyone else, is simply to leave orders PRIOR to mkt open and they all get filled. Yes, I miss lots of stuff, but its better than losing money trying to compete with the Virtus of the world
I spend way too much time waiting on ThinkorSwim or it freezing. Everytime they roll out an update with no warning, it freezes the platform. It is very frustrating. Commission free trades and too many leechers.
I've has lagging too and I run a 100 gbit internet connection.

It has nothing to do with your internet connection. It has to do with the fact TDAmeritrade never updated their server setup when they went no-commission. Their servers can't handle the daily spike in new trading and since they aren't generating any revenue from it, there's no reason for them to update their servers.
Initially, the lags were a problem for me at market open. Now it's an all-day plague that makes me distrust the platform. I'm looking at Ninja and TradeStation. Will probably go with TS.
For the past few weeks I can't get 5 min charts on a lot of symbols in the morning until 10-11. It is unacceptable and I need to know if I need to upgrade my computer or find a new broker. Sounds like there latter
I think it would be great if Ben could put up a sticky thread explaining how to overcome many of the complaints being made.

I've found that
-deleting the usergui folder weekly seems to help,
- shutting down tos and re-starting pc helps,
-once in a while re-booting modem/router helps,
-having an OK to good isp counts as does having an idea how many hops you go through to get to tos,
-not running tons of other apps when running tos,
-a modern pc with up to date, OS, lots of ram and processing speed, good video card etc. Its expensive but not having is more expensive. Dell Outlet sells some pcs at fair prices that are higher end, imo

And if tos upgraded from using java as their backbone would be amazing.

I hope that lots of savvy pc/internet folks here can add to this list!

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