Poor Performance Recently in ToS, anyone else?


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@codydog, OMG, the alerts! Glad you finally got them to stop. A couple weeks ago I made the mistake of setting up text alerts. Nothing happened at first. Then a day later I got about 50 delivered at the same time. So I cancelled the alerts but they didn't stop. I had to delete the workspace and remove the study from TOS.


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so I talked to support and they had me delete a folder that gets built up and will slow things down after a while. Delete "USERGUI" file on my computer this sped up TOS, support said that they do this every month since TOS went to no fee trading.
just delete the whole folder.

right click the desktop icon and go to properties, then go to shortcut, open file location, and then scroll around the files and fine that USERGUI folder, right click and delete.

then open TOS back up. Might take a few minutes while it updates but it should run much faster after.

the support guy said he deletes his several times a month to keep things running smooth. Its like a folder that stores short term information. And it just get clogged up after a while.

seemed to really speed things up for me while using TOS


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@westgl -- a while ago, a tos user who's been around a while, told me to also go into tos directory and delete any error file, which i think end in '.err '
- i have no idea if this is a good idea or not, but i've done it whenever i see one and it seems to help

on a positive note, this week i only had 1 freeze up on monday and had some good fills before 9.45 and after 3.45 - so maybe last weeks update did something helpful. We'll see.


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Anyone noticing that TOS is gobbling up GBs of hard drive space during the session and releasing the space at exit?
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