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System Market Intraday Setup for ThinkorSwim


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I want to share part of my system and my intraday. This is a screen I use to monitor state of the market during the day and make decisions based on it. I do not make trades directly of it, but use it whenever I make market correlated intraday decisions.

Grid chart: https://tos.mx/thzmWST


It has 3 big parts

1) Futures
This is 30m charts used to monitor most important market indexes. /ES is always there and right one varies- mostly between /ZN, /CL and /RTY .
I draw and update all important levels premarket
Under it is McLellan oscillator - which is advance/declines on oscillator. Using it mostly to confirm market reversals

2) Intraday sectors
This is normalized chart measuring performance of 15 sectors I track. The performance is normalized on close vs open vs SPY. in between 0.5 and -0.5 is generally chop
at 9:30 to 1000 I use 1m timeframe and switch to 3m timeframe after 10

3) market internals
VOLD - volume done in the market. its to track volume traded and compare across days
$TRIN - a breadth indicator. I mostly use spike to above and below leves
VIX - has VIX9D overlayed
ADD - this is ADD for 4 major market
TICK - comparative tick (similar to how sectors work - close vs open but for tick on 4 major market)

you will see green/red line and label - this is for quick glance whether its trending up or down

Would like some feedback/suggestions/questions
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Example of usage: 9/25/19 my thesis was pull back and bounce of 2960 level
Initial market action was in line with thesis: most sectors went down with SMH, IGV weakest

I waited till the reversal bar confirmed by ADD Thrust, Tick and oscillator and went with long setups (obviously confirming them on chart)
My reversal plays for that day were SBUX/NOV - not the best but worked. Strong add , /ES above VWP gave me conviction on long side

Today (9/26/19) premarket I was not sure about direction. - thinking inside day, waiting for MU earnings. I had upchannel and level drawn
The bearish direction was clear, however vix was not rising fast and support was nearby. THere was no good market plays as I expected channel to be support. However for long plays the negative VOLD and very weak ADD thrust were not giving me conviction.
It was clear later that most of action though was in IBB flush - but sadly I wasnt prepared for it
@skynetgen I'm interested in hearing more about your Intraday Sectors chart. Using $SMH as an example for 9-26, I assume that $SMH will be a chop fest, in between 0.5 and -0.5. Certainly looking back at that date, $AMD, $NVDA were chop fests!
$IBB under -0.5 and the morning AMGN and CELG tank.
$XLRE slight above 0.5 and the morning AMT and CCI rise.
I think I'm in love. :love:(y)
Pretty cool, gonna hafta snatch that from you and check it out further.

I noticed on Friday that XLE is heading up to the 0.5 greenline. Looking at the daily XOM chart I see support and a possible play to revisit the bottom of the gap, $72.72 ish. $71.10 support, 71.65 resist. I am still working on my S & R zonage. Anyway, its a neat chart.
Thanks for posting this there seems to be a ton of information to take in, personally I like to see less on the chart I'm trading, but that's me. Rather than sectorintraday I would watch currency pairs like Eur/Yen Aus/Yen and Eur/Dollar.
@skynetgen How do I save it under this grid so it will open every day by itself?


Edit: sorry, I was able to save it. Do not bother. However, can u also add Tikki , TRINQ and pc ratio (WPCVA)?
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