Support/Resistance Zones for ThinkorSwim


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Support/Resistance or Supply/Demand whichever you prefer. Based on pivots and ATR. Change the n to get zones for the time you wish.

Update: ATR is now straight lines and user can input ATR multiple.
New share:

# Support/Resistance Zones around pivot S/R points.
#Added the zones using ATR to the Theotrade Pivots study.
#Additions by Horserider 9/30/2019

input length = 252;
input averageType = AverageType.WILDERS;

def ATR = MovingAverage(averageType, TrueRange(high, close, low), length);

# User Inputs
input n = 21; #hint n: periods used for pivot calculations.
def Num_Dev_Dn = ATR;
def Num_Dev_up = -ATR;

# Internal Script Reference
script LinePlot {
    input BarID = 0;
    input Value = 0;
    input BarOrigin = 0;
    def ThisBar = HighestAll(BarOrigin);
    def ValueLine = if BarOrigin == ThisBar
                then Value
                else Double.NaN;
    plot P = if ThisBar - BarID <= BarOrigin
             then HighestAll(ValueLine)
             else Double.NaN;
# Variables
def o = open;
def h = high;
def l = low;
def c = close;
def bar = BarNumber();
def BBar = bar == HighestAll(bar);
# Parent High
def ParentHigh = HighestAll(h);
def ParentHBarOrigin = if h == ParentHigh
                       then bar
                       else ParentHBarOrigin[1];
def ParentHBarID = bar - HighestAll(ParentHBarOrigin);
# R1
def hh = fold i = 1 to n + 1
         with p = 1
         while p
         do h > GetValue(h, -i);
def PivotH = if (bar > n and
                 h == Highest(h, n) and
            then h
            else Double.NaN;
def PHValue = if !IsNaN(PivotH)
              then PivotH
              else PHValue[1];
def PHBarOrigin = if !IsNaN(PivotH)
                  then bar
                  else PHBarOrigin[1];
def PHBarID = bar - PHBarOrigin;
# R2
def R2PHValue = if PHBarOrigin != PHBarOrigin[1]
              then PHValue[1]
              else R2PHValue[1];
def R2PHBarOrigin = if PHBarOrigin != PHBarOrigin[1]
                  then PHBarOrigin[1]
                  else R2PHBarOrigin[1];
def R2PHBarID = bar - R2PHBarOrigin;
# R3
def R3PHValue = if R2PHBarOrigin != R2PHBarOrigin[1]
              then R2PHValue[1]
              else R3PHValue[1];
def R3PHBarOrigin = if R2PHBarOrigin != R2PHBarOrigin[1]
                  then R2PHBarOrigin[1]
                  else R3PHBarOrigin[1];
def R3PHBarID = bar - R3PHBarOrigin;
# R4
def R4PHValue = if R3PHBarOrigin != R3PHBarOrigin[1]
              then R3PHValue[1]
              else R4PHValue[1];
def R4PHBarOrigin = if R3PHBarOrigin != R3PHBarOrigin[1]
                  then R3PHBarOrigin[1]
                  else R4PHBarOrigin[1];
def R4PHBarID = bar - R4PHBarOrigin;

# Parent Low
def ParentLow = LowestAll(l);
def ParentLBarOrigin = if l == ParentLow
                       then bar
                       else ParentLBarOrigin[1];
def ParentLBarID = bar - HighestAll(ParentLBarOrigin);
# S1
def ll = fold j = 1 to n + 1
         with q = 1
         while q
         do l < GetValue(l, -j);
def PivotL = if (bar > n and
                 l == Lowest(l, n) and
             then l
             else Double.NaN;
def PLValue = if !IsNaN(PivotL)
              then PivotL
              else PLValue[1];
def PLBarOrigin = if !IsNaN(PivotL)
                  then bar
                  else PLBarOrigin[1];
def PLBarID = bar - PLBarOrigin;
# S2
def S2PLValue = if PLBarOrigin != PLBarOrigin[1]
              then PLValue[1]
              else S2PLValue[1];
def S2PLBarOrigin = if PLBarOrigin != PLBarOrigin[1]
                  then PLBarOrigin[1]
                  else S2PLBarOrigin[1];
def S2PLBarID = bar - S2PLBarOrigin;
# S3
def S3PLValue = if S2PLBarOrigin != S2PLBarOrigin[1]
              then S2PLValue[1]
              else S3PLValue[1];
def S3PLBarOrigin = if S2PLBarOrigin != S2PLBarOrigin[1]
                  then S2PLBarOrigin[1]
                  else S3PLBarOrigin[1];
def S3PLBarID = bar - S3PLBarOrigin;
# S4
def S4PLValue = if S3PLBarOrigin != S3PLBarOrigin[1]
              then S3PLValue[1]
              else S4PLValue[1];
def S4PLBarOrigin = if S3PLBarOrigin != S3PLBarOrigin[1]
                  then S3PLBarOrigin[1]
                  else S4PLBarOrigin[1];
def S4PLBarID = bar - S4PLBarOrigin;

# Plots
plot PR1 = LinePlot(BarID = ParentHBarID,
                    Value = ParentHigh,
                    BarOrigin = HighestAll(ParentHBarOrigin));
#addChartBubble(Bar == HighestAll(ParentHBarOrigin), ParentHigh, "High", color.yellow, 1);
plot R1 = LinePlot(BarID = PHBarID,
                   Value = PHValue,
                   BarOrigin = PHBarOrigin);
#AddChartBubble(bar == HighestAll(PHBarOrigin), PHValue, "R1", Color.GREEN, 1);

plot LowerBandr1 = R1 + Num_Dev_Dn ;
plot UpperBandr1 = R1 + Num_Dev_up ;
AddCloud(UpperBandr1, R1, Color.GREEN, Color.RED );
AddCloud(LowerBandr1, R1, Color.GREEN, Color.RED );

plot R2 = LinePlot(BarID = R2PHBarID,
                   Value = R2PHValue,
                   BarOrigin = R2PHBarOrigin);
#AddChartBubble(bar == HighestAll(R2PHBarOrigin), PHValue, "R2", Color.GREEN, 1);

plot LowerBandr2 = R2 + Num_Dev_Dn ;
plot UpperBandr2 = R2 + Num_Dev_up ;
AddCloud(UpperBandr2, R2, Color.GREEN, Color.RED);
AddCloud(LowerBandr2, R2, Color.GREEN, Color.RED);

plot R3 = LinePlot(BarID = R3PHBarID,
                   Value = R3PHValue,
                   BarOrigin = R3PHBarOrigin);
#AddChartBubble(bar == HighestAll(R3PHBarOrigin), PHValue, "R3", Color.GREEN, 1);

plot LowerBandr3 = R3 + Num_Dev_Dn ;
plot UpperBandr3 = R3 + Num_Dev_up ;
AddCloud(UpperBandr3, R3, Color.LIGHT_GRAY, Color.LIGHT_ORANGE);
AddCloud(LowerBandr3, R3, Color.LIGHT_GRAY, Color.LIGHT_ORANGE);

plot R4 = LinePlot(BarID = R4PHBarID,
                   Value = R4PHValue,
                   BarOrigin = R4PHBarOrigin);
#AddChartBubble(bar == HighestAll(R4PHBarOrigin), PHValue, "R4", Color.GREEN, 1);

plot LowerBandr4 = R4 + Num_Dev_Dn ;
plot UpperBandr4 = R4 + Num_Dev_up ;
AddCloud(UpperBandr4, R4, Color.LIME, Color.PINK);
AddCloud(LowerBandr4, R4, Color.LIME, Color.PINK);

plot PS1 = LinePlot(BarID = ParentLBarID,
                   Value = ParentLow,
                   BarOrigin = HighestAll(ParentLBarOrigin));
#AddChartBubble(bar == HighestAll(ParentLBarOrigin), ParentLow, "Low", Color.YELLOW, 0);
plot S1 = LinePlot(BarID = PLBarID,
                   Value = PLValue,
                   BarOrigin = PLBarOrigin);
#AddChartBubble(bar == HighestAll(PLBarOrigin), PLValue, "S1", Color.RED, 0);

plot LowerBands1 = S1 + Num_Dev_Dn ;
plot UpperBands1 = S1 + Num_Dev_up ;
AddCloud(UpperBands1, S1, Color.GREEN, Color.RED);
AddCloud(LowerBands1, S1, Color.GREEN, Color.RED);

plot S2 = LinePlot(BarID = S2PLBarID,
                   Value = S2PLValue,
                   BarOrigin = S2PLBarOrigin);
#AddChartBubble(bar == HighestAll(S2PLBarOrigin), PLValue, "S2", Color.RED, 0);

plot LowerBands2 = S2 + Num_Dev_Dn ;
plot UpperBands2 = S2 + Num_Dev_up ;
AddCloud(UpperBands2, S2, Color.GREEN, Color.RED);
AddCloud(LowerBands2, S2, Color.GREEN, Color.RED);

plot S3 = LinePlot(BarID = S3PLBarID,
                   Value = S3PLValue,
                   BarOrigin = S3PLBarOrigin);
#AddChartBubble(bar == HighestAll(S3PLBarOrigin), PLValue, "S3", Color.RED, 0);

plot LowerBands3 = S3 + Num_Dev_Dn ;
plot UpperBands3 = S3 + Num_Dev_up ;
AddCloud(UpperBands3, S3, Color.LIGHT_GRAY, Color.LIGHT_ORANGE);
AddCloud(LowerBands3, S3, Color.LIGHT_GRAY, Color.LIGHT_ORANGE);

plot S4 = LinePlot(BarID = S4PLBarID,
                   Value = S4PLValue,
                   BarOrigin = S4PLBarOrigin);
#AddChartBubble(bar == HighestAll(S4PLBarOrigin), PLValue, "S4", Color.RED, 0);

plot LowerBands4 = S4 + Num_Dev_Dn ;
plot UpperBands4 = S4 + Num_Dev_up ;
AddCloud(UpperBands4, S4, Color.LIME, Color.PINK);
AddCloud(LowerBands4, S4, Color.LIME, Color.PINK);

plot BearScan = if (close crosses below S1) or
                   (close crosses below S2)
                then close
                else Double.NaN;
plot BullScan = if (close crosses above R1) or
                   (close crosses above R2)
                then close
                else Double.NaN;
# End Code Fractal Array
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Thanks for sharing the script. Very useful. For anyone with a shrinking chart after adding this indicator, be sure to uncheck the "Fit Studies" option on your chart (you can do so by left-click > Chart Scale).


I checked the source code and it looks like the script contains some of Mobuis' work from his other indicators called WolfWave and/or Pivot Array. If that's the case I would recommend keeping his old header or give credit to the developer.


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Very nice job "horserider! I like the the idea of using ATR as the zones - thank you for posting.
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@mc01439, Currently N vaule set for 21. Do you know what is the value for other time frame like 1mts, 5mts,15mts,hour,day,week and Monthly.


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@mc01439, Currently N vaule set for 21. Do you know what is the value for other time frame like 1mts, 5mts,15mts,hour,day,week and Monthly.

@San - Like @BenTen said you need to test what works best for you and your style. I like n @ 21 for 8 range bars. Someone else more than likely would use something else. I do not trade minute charts but 21 seems to paint a lot of lines, too many for my taste. I like a clean chart with only key points marked. More is not better from my experience. The best to you.
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@BenTen, what is the lookback period for this time frame " 1mts, 5mts,15mts,hour,day,week and Monthly."
@San, start at n=1 or 2 and add to it for each time frame until you get what works for you.
This is about you and your time frame & the way you like to see consolidation or pivots or S/R.
Trial and error until it is tuned in to your liking.
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Appreciate you putting this together. Anyway to just have certain S/R zones only the charts? Tried unticking plots and didn't work for me.


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I have looked in there and didn't find a supply/demand zone indicator. I'll go look at it again. Also, from what I've read supply and demand zones are different than supply and resistance lines. Regardless, I will not pay for an indicator...


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@shizah Please tell us how they are different. You have a solution just adjust it to your trading plan.

I do not understand your statement "Anyway to just have certain S/R zones only the charts? Tried unticking plots and didn't work for me. " If you care to explain in detail maybe something can be adjusted to what you want.


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@San, start at n=1 or 2 and add to it for each time frame until you get what works for you.
This is about you and your time frame & the way you like to see consolidation or pivots or S/R.
No one can do it for you.
I appreciate your answer.. I don't know the script and i am new to this concept.. That's why i ask the request. If you don't want to help my concern that's fine instead of saying " No one can do it for you " .

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