Scan for stocks crossing the 2nd standard deviation line?



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I am trying to build a very simple scanner using the standard deviation channel …….. what I want it to do is when it crosses the 2nd deviation line "lower line " on a daily chart I want it to pop up on the scanner …I want stocks who crossed that day I run the scanner and who is still under the lower line on the deviation channel lately iv been getting who crossed few months ago in which im not interested in any help yall can give me to point me in the direction would be greatly appreciated


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setup the custom study as in the picture below and use it to scan:



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I am looking for a way to use the TOS scanner to return stocks under the following criteria.

Stocks that are CURRENTLY under the 2.0 SD Channel
Stocks that are CURRENTLY over the 2.0 SD Channel
Stocks with average volume or better

Can anyone help me set up my scanner to return these stocks?

Thank you for your help!


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On this I am not looking for RelativeVolumeStDev, rather the StandardDeviationChannel.


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Hello friends,

I am looking for a watchlist that could potentially show
ticker , price, hi-1-std, hi-2,std, low-1-std, low-2-std, and how close the price is to the std?

Any suggestions?

I want a scanner for when the price touches 1std-low or 2-std-low and alert me...any suggestions?

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