Pre-market High Low Indicator with Fibonacci for ThinkorSwim



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@BenTen Hi new user here! This is really cool! Is there a way to get an alert for a specific coefficient? specifically the 50%. I tried to set an alert in ugaz but got an error message. This is what I would like to be able to do:
Be alerted for all stocks that close above the 50% level, I use the 1, 2, and 5min chart, so I would set up a watchlist and they all pop up in there, so I can go through them in more detail


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Hey, I have a similar question to the poster above me who is asking if there is a way to set an alert for this study based on a specific coefficient be broken above or below. I would like to be alerted if the stock breaks the premarket high or low in this study. Thanks.


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@Johnnyboyeh This study has the following coefficients defined:

input coeff_1 = .236;
input coeff_2 = .327;
input coeff_3 = .500;
input coeff_4 = .618;
input coeff_5 = .789;
input coeff_6 = .882;
Note that some of these coefficients are not fibonacci ratios e.g. .327, .789, .882
I imagine that the author might have wanted those levels for reasons known to him.

Suppose you want to be alerted if the price closes above/below the 50% coefficient, just add the following lines to the end of the study

Alert(close crosses below coeff3, "Below 50% Fib", Alert.Bar, Sound.Ring);
Alert(close crosses above coeff3, "Above 50% Fib", Alert.Bar, Sound.Ding);

Hope this helps
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