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Hello all!! Hope the market is treating you all well. I have for you today two alert templates to help you find entry points once you have done your DD and determined trend direction SPY alert uptrend (5 min) and SPY alert downtrend (5 min) . The two conditions are simple, for example on the SPY alert downtrend (set the alert for any stock or option you want): it 1. checks to see if the underlying stock or option bid or last price is ABOVE the MA 15 (moving average for the last 15 periods) on a 5 min time chart AND 2. the current MA 15 is lower than the previous MA 15 from the last bar or dot (in my case). If both conditions are true it sends my an email, text, and push notification of the action in near real time telling me it would now be a great time to enter into a short position IF I deemed the overall 10-15 min trend is still in a downtrend. With it you get specific notifications to catch all of the good entry point if you are not looking at the stock 24/7 and have determined trend direction and missed earlier entries 👍🏽. Any questions let me know and I pray this helps someone. Remember… “leave your emotions at the login screen. You’re not a psychic. You can be right or wrong, but if you’re always ready for both scenarios and cut your losses short you’ll be successful 😉!”

Uptrend shared link:
downtrend shared link:

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Thank you. I'd appreciate it if you could provide the code (Is this code suitable for 30 Mts and a one-hour time frame or only 5 Mts?). I'd like to add this to my existing study set as a study.
Hello, this was a shared alert.
  • click the link and add the alert,
  • you’ll be able to edit the alert and underlying symbol and change the time frame from 5 min to whichever you’d like in MARKET WATCH, ALERTS TAB,
  • RIGHT CLICK ALERT, CREATE SIMILAR ALERT. Where it says PRICE, click the drop down menu where STUDY is and go to edit.
  • At the top it will say 5M next to CONDITION SETUP.
You can also create it from scratch by
  • right click on chart,
  • create alert.
  • Once in the Create Alert on Price menu, choose your symbol.
  • In the Price drop down menu,
  • choose STUDY and go to edit in the next column on highlighting it.
  • In there change your timeframe at the top to whichever you’d prefer.
  • In the condition window, delete any condition there and choose add condition.
  • Choose price condition and either bid or last or whichever variable you want price wise.
  • Next choose is GREATER THAN, then choose MovingAverage and set it on weighted and 15 period or whichever determining factor you prefer.
  • Now you have a trigger when the price is higher than the MovingAverage you’ll get an alert.
  • Next add another condition where the MovingAverage is LESS THAN the MovingAverage and add offset 1 to the moving average in the second list.
  • That is the downtrend alert. When the moving average is trending down and the price goes above it you’ll get an alert.
  • To make an uptrend alert switch the GREATER THAN for LESS THAN in the price condition and LESS THAN for GREATER THAN in the moving averages condition.
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Thank you so much for taking the time to explain everything so thoroughly. I was able to change the time frame from 5 minutes to 30 minutes by following your directions.

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