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Modify the Hull Moving Average indicator?


New member
Hello Expert,

I just want to ask the expert in coding if you know how to add EMA,SMA with this code below, thank you--Nathan

#Hull Moving Average
#Colors and arrows and labels by EBTrader 02.22.15

input price = close;
input length = 9;
input displace = 0;

plot HMA = MovingAverage(AverageType.HULL, price, length)[-displace];

HMA.DefineColor("Up", color. GREEN);
HMA.DefineColor("Down", color.red);
HMA.AssignValueColor(if price > HMA then HMA.color("Up") else HMA.color("Down"));
AssignPriceColor(if price > HMA then HMA.color("Up") else HMA.color("Down"));

#===================start arrows and labels

input crossingType = {default any, above, below};
def signal = CompoundValue(1, if crosses(price, HMA,crossingDirection.ABOVE) then 1 else if crosses(price, HMA, crossingDirection.BELOW)  then -1 else signal[1], 0);
input showarrows = yes;
plot U1 = showarrows and signal > 0 and signal[1] <= 0;
plot D1 = showarrows and signal < 0 and signal[1] >= 0;

input usealerts = no;
Alert(usealerts and U1, "UP", Alert.BAR, Sound.Bell);
Alert(usealerts and D1, "DOWN", Alert.BAR, Sound.Chimes);

def uptrend = price > HMA;
def downtrend = price < HMA;

addlabel(uptrend, "Uptrend", color. GREEN);
addlabel(downtrend, "Downtrend", color.VIOLET);

#================end arrows and labels

Credit to EBTrader for this script

the arrows seem to be delayed is there a way to fix this

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