Mobius (Demarks Pivot and Demarks MA) for ThinkorSwim


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Mobius posted these on "thinkScript Lounge" this morning.

10:17 Mobius: Here are two studies by DeMark I find still useful.
This one I find useful as boundaries for intraday likely moves:
#Start Code
# Demark's Pivots
# Ported to TOS by Mobius

declare hide_on_daily;

def o = open(period = AggregationPeriod.Day)[1];

def h = high(period = AggregationPeriod.Day)[1];

def l = low(period = AggregationPeriod.Day)[1];

def c = close(period = AggregationPeriod.Day)[1];

def x = if c < o

        then h + (2 * l) + c

        else if c > o

             then (2 * h) + l + c

             else if c == o

                  then h + l + (2 * c)

                  else x[1];

plot Pivot_Point = X/4;


plot Support = X/2 - h;


plot Resistance = X/2 - l;


# End Code

This is still a very good Moving Average

#Start Code

# Demarks MA

# Mobius

# V01.2.2011

# What makes this MA unique is that it can be run at very low period lengths and still be a smooth indicator. Which makes it very responsive.

script Range{

    input d = close;

    input Min = 0;

    input Max = 10000;

    def hh = HighestAll(d);

    def ll = LowestAll(d);

    plot nr = (((Max - Min) * (d - ll)) /

                (hh - ll)) + Min;


input n = 5;

input V = 0.682;

   def newMax = Highest(high, n);

   def newMin = Lowest(low, n);

script BP {

   def bp = (((close - open) / (high - low)) * volume);

  plot data = bp;


   def newBP = Range(BP().data, newMin, newMax);

   def StDev = StDev(newBP, n);

   def GDEMA = (ExpAverage(newBP, n)* (1 + V)) -

               (ExpAverage((ExpAverage(newBP, n)), n)* V);

  plot PlotData = if IsNaN(newBP)

                  then Inertia(GDEMA[1], n)

                  else Inertia(GDEMA, n);



       plotData.AssignValueColor(if PlotData > PlotData[2]

                                 then Color.Green

                                 else Color.Red);

# End Code

10:18 Mobius: There 2 different studies in the post above.
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@mc01439 Thanks for grabbing these gems. Mobius said he was on 2 minute charts for /ES.
What are the Ticks you used today for the pic above?


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Interesting indicators, thx for sharing @mc01439. Looks like you have created some cool studies and ways to track signals with those labels too. Are any of those already on this site?

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