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This indicator displays fundamental data of a stock, including financial info such as Free Cash Flow, Profit Margin, etc., on your chart. Use on a Daily Chart. Useful for anyone interested in fundamental stock research.

#Fundamental Data Labels _Mobius 4/26/20 (found on OneNote)
# @MerryDay revised 4/21:
# my interpretation of positive/negative values; should be modified to meet your strategy
# then calculated an overall weighted score based on:
# and other information found on the web
declare lower;
declare hide_on_intraday;
input show_labels = yes ;
input show_summaries = no ;
DefineGlobalColor("Pre_Cyan", CreateColor(50, 200, 255)) ;
DefineGlobalColor("LabelGreen",  CreateColor(0, 165, 0)) ;
DefineGlobalColor("LabelRed",  CreateColor(225, 0, 0)) ;
DefineGlobalColor("Violet", CreateColor (200, 125, 255)) ;
DefineGlobalColor("GrayGreen",  CreateColor(155, 167, 76)) ;
DefineGlobalColor("LitePink", CreateColor (220, 180, 180)) ;
DefineGlobalColor("neutral",  color.light_gray) ;
def fp = FiscalPeriod.YEAR;
def EPS = EarningsPerShareTTM(fiscalPeriod = fp);
def PE = round(close / EPS,1);
AddLabel(show_labels and PE, "P/E ratio = " + Round(PE, 2),
                      if PE < 0 then GlobalColor("LitePink") else
                      if PE < 20 then GlobalColor("LabelGreen") else
                      if PE < 40 then GlobalColor("GrayGreen") else GlobalColor("Pre_Cyan"));

def EarnPerShare = if IsNaN(EarningsPerShareTTM())
                   then EarnPerShare[1]
                   else EarningsPerShareTTM();
AddLabel(show_labels and EarnPerShare, "EPS-TTM = " + AsDollars(EarnPerShare),
                      if EarnPerShare > 0 then GlobalColor("LabelGreen") else GlobalColor("LitePink"));

def FreeCashFlowPerSh = if isNaN(FreeCashFlowPerShare())
                        then FreeCashFlowPerSh[1]
                        else FreeCashFlowPerShare();
AddLabel(show_labels and FreeCashFlowPerSh, "Free Cash Flow Per Share = " + AsDollars(FreeCashFlowPerSh),
                  if FreeCashFlowPerSh > 0 then GlobalColor("LabelGreen") else GlobalColor("LitePink"));
def score_EarnCash = if PE <0 and FreeCashFlowPerSh < 0 and EarnPerShare < 0 then 0 else 5;

def Gross_Profit_Margin = if IsNaN(GrossProfitMargin())
                          then Gross_Profit_Margin[1]
                          else GrossProfitMargin();
AddLabel(show_labels and Gross_Profit_Margin, "Gross Profit Margin = " + Round(Gross_Profit_Margin, 2),
               if Gross_Profit_Margin > 0 then GlobalColor("LabelGreen") else GlobalColor("LitePink"));

def Operating_Profit_Margin = if IsNaN(OperatingProfitMargin())
                              then Operating_Profit_Margin[1]
                              else OperatingProfitMargin();
AddLabel(show_labels and Operating_Profit_Margin, "Operating Profit Margin = " + Round(Operating_Profit_Margin, 2),               
              if Operating_Profit_Margin > 0 then GlobalColor("LabelGreen") else GlobalColor("LitePink"));

def Net_Profit_Margin = if IsNaN(NetProfitMargin())
                        then Net_Profit_Margin[1]
                        else NetProfitMargin();
AddLabel(show_labels and Net_Profit_Margin, "Net Profit Margin = " + Round(Net_Profit_Margin, 2),
               if Net_Profit_Margin > 0 then GlobalColor("LabelGreen") else GlobalColor("LitePink"));
def score_Profits = if Gross_Profit_Margin>0 or Net_Profit_Margin>0 or Operating_Profit_Margin > 0 then 3 else 0 ;

def CurRatio = if IsNaN(CurrentRatio())
               then CurRatio[1]
               else CurrentRatio();
AddLabel(show_labels and CurRatio, "Current Ratio = " + Round(CurRatio, 2),
               if CurRatio > 2  then GlobalColor("GrayGreen") else
               if CurRatio >= 1 then GlobalColor("LabelGreen") else GlobalColor("LitePink"));

def Quick_Ratio = if IsNaN(QuickRatio())
                  then Quick_Ratio[1]
                  else QuickRatio();
AddLabel(show_labels and Quick_Ratio, "Quick Ratio = " + Round(Quick_Ratio, 2),
               if Quick_Ratio > 2  then GlobalColor("GrayGreen") else
               if Quick_Ratio >= 1 then GlobalColor("LabelGreen") else GlobalColor("LitePink"));
def score_Ratios = if Quick_Ratio >= 1 or CurRatio >= 1 then 3 else 0;

def Return_On_Assets = if IsNaN(ReturnOnAssets())
                       then Return_On_Assets[1]
                       else ReturnOnAssets();
AddLabel(show_labels and Return_On_Assets, "Return On Assets = " + Round(Return_On_Assets),
              if Return_On_Assets >= 15 then GlobalColor("Pre_Cyan") else
              if Return_On_Assets >= 10 then GlobalColor("LabelGreen") else
              if Return_On_Assets > 0 then GlobalColor("GrayGreen") else GlobalColor("LitePink"));

def Return_On_Equity = if IsNaN(ReturnOnEquity())
                       then Return_On_Equity[1]
                       else ReturnOnEquity();
AddLabel(show_labels and Return_On_Equity, "Return On Equity = " + Round(Return_On_Equity),
              if Return_On_Equity >= 15 then GlobalColor("Pre_Cyan") else
              if Return_On_Equity >= 10 then GlobalColor("LabelGreen") else
              if Return_On_Equity > 0 then GlobalColor("GrayGreen") else GlobalColor("LitePink"));
def score_Returns = if Return_On_Equity >= 10 or Return_On_Assets >=10 then 1 else 0 ;

def Sales_Per_Share = if IsNaN(SalesPerShare())
                      then Sales_Per_Share[1]
                      else SalesPerShare();
AddLabel(show_labels and Sales_Per_Share, "Sales Per Share = " + Round(Sales_Per_Share, 2),
                      if Sales_Per_Share > 0 then GlobalColor("LabelGreen") else GlobalColor("LitePink"));
def score_Sales_Per_Share = if Sales_Per_Share > 0 then 1 else 0;

def FixChgCovRatio = if IsNaN(FixedChargeCoverageRatio())
                     then FixChgCovRatio[1]
                     else FixedChargeCoverageRatio();
AddLabel(show_labels and FixChgCovRatio, "Fixed Charge Coverage Ratio = " + Round(FixChgCovRatio, 2),
                     if FixChgCovRatio >= 1 then GlobalColor("LabelGreen") else GlobalColor("LitePink"));

def Total_Asset_Turnover = if IsNaN(TotalAssetTurnover())
                           then Total_Asset_Turnover[1]
                           else TotalAssetTurnover();
AddLabel(show_labels and Total_Asset_Turnover, "Total Asset Turnover = " + Round(Total_Asset_Turnover, 2),
               if Total_Asset_Turnover > 1 then GlobalColor("LabelGreen") else  GlobalColor("neutral"));

def FinLev = if IsNaN(FinancialLeverage())
             then FinLev[1]
             else FinancialLeverage();
AddLabel(show_labels and FinLev, "Financial Leverage = " + Round(FinLev, 2),
                      if FinLev > 0 and FinLev < 2 then GlobalColor("LabelGreen") else GlobalColor("LitePink"));
def score_FinLev = if FinLev < 2 then 1 else 0;

def BookValue = if IsNaN(BookValuePerShare())
                then BookValue[1]
                else BookValuePerShare();
AddLabel(show_labels and BookValue, "Book Value Per Share = " + Round(BookValue),
                if BookValue < 2 then GlobalColor("Pre_Cyan") else
                if BookValue < 3 then GlobalColor("LabelGreen") else GlobalColor("neutral"));

def Long_Term_Debt_To_Capital = if IsNaN(LongTermDebtToCapital())
                                then Long_Term_Debt_To_Capital[1]
                                else LongTermDebtToCapital();
AddLabel(show_labels and Long_Term_Debt_To_Capital, "Long Term Debt To Capital = " + Round(Long_Term_Debt_To_Capital, 2),
 if Long_Term_Debt_To_Capital < 5 then GlobalColor("LabelGreen") else GlobalColor("LitePink"));
def score_Long_Term_Debt_To_Capital = if Long_Term_Debt_To_Capital < 5 then 1 else 0;

def Inventory_Turnover = if IsNaN(InventoryTurnover())
                         then Inventory_Turnover[1]
                         else InventoryTurnover();
AddLabel(show_labels and Inventory_Turnover, "Inventory Turnover = " + Round(Inventory_Turnover, 2),
               if Inventory_Turnover < 5  then GlobalColor("LitePink") else
               if Inventory_Turnover < 10 then GlobalColor("Pre_Cyan") else
               if Inventory_Turnover < 15 then GlobalColor("GrayGreen") else GlobalColor("LitePink"));

def DivPayout = if IsNaN(DividendPayout())
                then DivPayout[1]
                else DividendPayout();
AddLabel(show_labels and DivPayout, "Dividend Payout = " + AsDollars(DivPayout), GlobalColor("neutral"));

def DivPerShare = if IsNaN(DividendsPerShareTTM())
                  then DivPerShare[1]
                  else DividendsPerShareTTM();
AddLabel(show_labels and DivPerShare, "Dividend Per Share = " + AsDollars(DivPerShare), GlobalColor("neutral"));

def Interest_Rate = if IsNaN(InterestRate())
                    then Interest_Rate[1]
                    else InterestRate();
AddLabel(show_labels and Interest_Rate, "Interest Rate = " + Round(Interest_Rate, 2), GlobalColor("neutral"));

def Tax_Rate = if IsNaN(TaxRate())
               then Tax_Rate[1]
               else TaxRate();
AddLabel(show_labels and Tax_Rate, "Tax Rate = " + Round(Tax_Rate, 2), GlobalColor("neutral"));

plot score = score_Returns + score_EarnCash + score_ratios + score_Profits
           + score_FinLev + score_Sales_Per_Share + score_Long_Term_Debt_To_Capital;
AddLabel(show_summaries, "SCORE: " + score,
if score >= 12 then GlobalColor("Pre_Cyan") else
if score >= 10 then GlobalColor("LabelGreen") else
if score >= 8 then GlobalColor("GrayGreen") else GlobalColor("LitePink"));

Link to shared study:
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@STB P/E ratio has been fixed. The link and chart in the 1st post have been updated. I originally was aiming for more of a PEG ratio so the difference between a growth stock and an overvalued stock would be more apparent but to eliminate confusion, for now, the P/E label reflects price/earnings and should match TOS (more or less) :) .
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@ MerryDay . Hope you and your family doing good.

I imported the indicator in my TOS, but I dont see any label in the lower side of the chart. I tried changing different stocks as well.


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@mjlinhle I am SO excited that there is interest in Fundamental Analysis! Both longer-term investors and shorter-term traders may be able to improve their chances of success by using fundamental factors to select stocks, and technical indicators to dictate the ideal entry or exit price.

How P/E Ratio is Calculated:

The P/E ratio shown in this script is: Basic Trailing 12mth Earnings / Price. The internet confirms that Apple's trailing P/E ratio is 42.4 as of the close of Friday January 22nd (this is the diluted EPS which includes convertible securities). The TOS label in this study displays: 42.5 because it is the basic ttm w/o convertible securities.


What P/E ratio is TOS displaying in its Company Growth pane is a good question. In @STB's chart in post#2 which is a snapshot of just after market close TOS shows: $40.32. The snapshot I just posted now shows $38.82. The difference between these two tells me that the TOS version is using after-hours data. We do not have access to the TOS P/E Ratio so that is just my best guess. HTH

@arihantbaid Here is the Shared Chart Link:
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Thanks for this! Very well done. I wish there was a way to add the short float or short ratio for each company too lol 🙏


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Hey @STB , could you please elaborate or show your codes for the labels volume, profile and Trade? It’s pretty similar to verniman chart labels.
Thank you.


@MTH Volume just goes green if current volume is greater than previous candle and close>open and turns red if volume greater and close<open.
Profile is green if PCO is greater than mid point of profile and price is above poc, dark green if below poc & vice versa for red and dark red.
Trade is if high> high[1) on ES & ADSPD or vice versa for low<low[1].
Verniman goes by mostly looking for adspd volume and price breaking at the same time with large orders on time sales. I’ve been trying his method which works great for him but I have figured I am not a break out trader I have always been more comfortable fading support an resistance levels, reversion to the mean.


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I am a LONG time lurker - Never had much to contribute to the forum but am so thankful for everyone who does and gives me something to read. I check out everything posted on the forums indicator wise but really just use the same indicators I have been for the last 10 years. This fundamental indicator is amazing. I really can't thank you enough. What great work! created an account just to say thanks!
This code is amazing. It's weird it only works on certain stocks though, that is a fault of TD Ameritrade, not yours. Thank you for putting this together and posting here @MerryDay
When I look at $JNJ, I get the 21 labels like in your picture, if I look at $C, I only get 11, if I look at $DISCA, I get 19, if I look at $CHWY, I get 0 results, it kinda looks like smaller market caps don't show very much at all. some were just showing 0, 1 or 2, which is disappointing.

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