EMA-SMA-VWAP Stacked Indicator for ThinkorSwim


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Can anyone help to create a script to identify the ticker when stacking of VWAP, 200 SMA, 9 EMA, 21 SMA, 34 EMA & 89 EMA are together - Timeframe 3 mins. (Pls note, we already have the script in the forum when 8EMA>21EMA>34EMA>55EMA>89EMA. However, looking for a script when they are merged together irrespective of the order). What I have observed when they merged together we normally see a big move in a ticker on either side. Below are two examples from Friday, 4th Dec.

And if possible to add - if the price is above VWAP the signal turns to Green and if the price is below VWAP the signal turns to Red.

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Thank you so much for this script . I used your ma crossober with clouds . Clean chart and great script . I removed ma short bubble display that hovers around the candles but other than that its tits :). Before I was using 9/15ema and 45 ema for conformation on a 1 min chart . Here is my chart setup, any suggestions will be appriciated. Hope someone finds this setup useful .

One quick question @Thomas , when bubble popps up with C and the price , what does C stand for ? green C with price is Buy and red C with price a sell . Seen red arrow down a few times today but never got green arrow when it was bullish .
Just saw your comment, did you figure out the question, maybe you don't use the indicator now?? Your question can be found hunting through the code.

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