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Danielle Shay: What is Fibonacci "Cluster" in Trading?


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I've seen the power of Fibonacci retracements before, although albeit very seldom because I'm not the best user of the strategies associated with Fibonacci. Danielle Shay of SimplerTrading uses Fibonacci and here's a video with an example of what they call a "Fibonacci Clusters." Go to 1:35 and she'll mention it. I wonder if you ever use the clusters and other point to draw fibs from to get target points?

They are thought of as powerful levels of support/resistance and I would like to see if it's possible for us to get something similar to use. Even better, if someone could link us to instructional on how to draw them correctly. Pretty sure this is one of ST's paid things but there might be some code out there. They don't have the best reputation regarding indicators.... especially considering how much they charge for them.

Edit: @horserider has the answer in comment #4.

Auto Fib Indicator: https://usethinkscript.com/threads/auto-fib-fibonacci-levels-indicator-for-thinkorswim.14/


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At 1:35 she mentioned "...also been holding this Fib cluster right here that came in at the 50 simple moving average..." And that was it.

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@Shinthus I'm surprised you didn't find them. There is a boat load of Fib stuff in the Onenote. Auto-Fibs, Fib Fans.
Find them in .03 Technical indicators>S/R or Support/Resistance...

Investopedia.com has all anyone needs to know about fibonacci's. It's short, sweet and complete.:):)(y)


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The Fib cluster is made by simply selecting two different sets of fib points and seeing how they align. If there is a grouping then they are calling it a cluster. As far as I know that is what it is. So get out your drawing tool and go for it.

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