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This is an idea i`ve been thinking about for a while now and was wondering if it`s possible to code this. What i am looking for is basically a label on the chart that displays the news headline if a stock has news. And of course it should work in extended hours too.

Provided that it`s possible to code a label with this functionality, it would also be desirable to have different colors on the lables depending on the type of news. For example, earnings, financial results, offerings etc.

This would be extremely helpful for me personally if i could see the news headline right away when i open the chart symbol. Audio alerts when a label is triggered would also be desirable.


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This is the only thing available that I know of. If you enable this setting, it includes a CNBC logo on the stock if it receive coverage on that specific day.



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ThinkScript has no mechanism to incorporate any sort of news event.
My solution has always been using a subscription based service that pushes news info to me via email
There are many such services out there. I use Briefing.Com

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