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Can someone please help create a label?


New member
I am looking for a simple AddLabel script that takes 200 and divides it by the R:
(The R: is derived from the High (H) - Low (L) of each bar, and is shown at the top of the screen where O: H: L: C: R: are displayed)

The calculation should be: 200 / R:

I'd like the label to show at the top left of the screen.

Anyone's help would be greatly appreciated.


Active member
@Richb Not the way you're thinking but if you know the condition for when you want to check 200/R then you can add that condition into the script and it should be close to what you want. Another way is turning this into a lower study and have all the values plotted and you can check that way.


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@Richb This is the only way I can think of that will work.

declare lower;

def RTH_start = 0930;
def RTH_end = 1600;
def RTH = SecondsFromTime(RTH_start) >= 0 and
          SecondsTillTime(RTH_end) >=0;

plot range = if RTH then 200/(high - low) else Double.NaN;


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anyway we can add and change to any number to the upper left corner(like a label of anything)? please help
What are you looking to display...??? Our hands are somewhat tied with respect to what can be accomplished in the TOS platform... You stated "add and change to any number" but that is somewhat vague... What, exactly, do you think you want...??? And have you tried yourself or just expecting us to serve your will without knowing what you want...???