Basic Conditional Order Question


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I am trying to set up a conditional order to buy or sell when price closes above or below a moving average, but I can't get it to work correctly. For example, I set up the following study condition for a 15 minute chart in the order rules section:

AUD/JPY '(price=bid);close is greater than MovAvgExponential("length"=21)."AvgExp";15m' IS TRUE.

However, the order is filled when price only prints above/below the moving average, instead of when the candle closes. What am I doing wrong? Should it be "close crosses above" instead, or...?


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That seems more like a condition for the scanner instead. You would need to use the AddOrder function with proper condition.
Hi Ben is it possible to make scanner based on New yearly highs ,so that we can catch it 10%/20% percent below New yearly highs supporting with a trend strength indicator. to go Long .

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