Ascending Triangle Stock Scanner


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Looking for something rational & logical that focuses on:
  • ascending triangles
  • descending triangles
  • symmetric triangles
One thing I noticed that there is a period specified in pattern. A number of days result in forming a triangle. A second parameter may be used to specify a window of time from the most recent day backward. It is during this window that the triangle pattern could possibly have been broken. The second parameter can be used to find cases where there has been a possible breakout from the triangle pattern. By default, this second value is 6 days or even less if desired.

I know there are free ones like Finiviz, but doesn't have after hours or premarket.

For ThinkorSwim, how do we use the code to scan for these triangle patterns?

# Here's a very simple study to show how IsAscending and IsDescending works
# Is Ascending OR Descending
# Mobius
# Function Test

declare lower;

input n = 10;
input iData = close;

plot Up = isAscending(iData, n);
plot Dn = isDescending(iData, n);

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