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market internals

  1. duke-oofington

    Looking for info/indicators on internals/breath

    Hello, I'm looking for indicators or any other info/tweaks that will help me when analyzing market breadth. Can anyone help point me in the right direction? Thanks
  2. J007RMC

    Market Breath Labels for ThinkorSwim

    Used these labels today seemed to work fine. # Market Breath Ratios # Paris (based on an earlier idea from ESP) # 11.02.2015 # One Note Download def UVOL = close(“$UVOL”); def DVOL = close(“$DVOL”); def UVOLD = close(“$UVOLI”); def DVOLD = close(“$DVOLI”); def UVOLS =...
  3. markos

    Advance/Decline Line Indicator for ThinkorSwim

    10:11 Mobius: AD (Advance/Decline Line) is an Intraday indicator. It's daily closing value isn't of any value since where it closes in relation to the closing price has no correlation. # # TD Ameritrade IP Company, Inc. (c) 2010-2020 # declare lower; input type = {default "Advance/Decline...
  4. markos

    Market Internals Labels for ThinkorSwim

    Market Internals Labels for ThinkorSwim # Put-Call SP500 Label # Markos # useThinkscript Request 7-2019 # https://tos.mx/zGXVIH input SYMB = "$PCSP"; def Data = close(symbol = "$PCSP", period = AggregationPeriod.DAY); addLabel(1, "SP500 PCRatio = " + Data, if Data < 0 then color.red else...
  5. J007RMC

    Cumulative Tick Indicator for ThinkorSwim

    Does anyone know of a cumulative tick indicator that I add to ThinkorSwim?
  6. BenTen

    Tick Buy and Sell Volume Indicator for ThinkorSwim

    thinkScript Code declare lower; declare zerobase; def TradeCount = tick_count; def MoneyCount = volume; plot avgTradeCount = ((MoneyCount[1] + MoneyCount) / 2) / ((TradeCount + TradeCount[1]) / 2); AvgTradeCount.SetPaintingStrategy(PaintingStrategy.HISTOGRAM)...
  7. BenTen

    Yield Curve Chart Indicator for ThinkorSwim

    This indicator was shared by Ken Rose of TD Ameritrade to help you build your own Yield curve chart in ThinkorSwim. Be sure to visit the ToS' settings page and set your chart type to Line. thinkScript Code #TWITTER: @KROSE_TDA #Yield curve two indexes #declare lower; def barn = if...
  8. markos

    New High vs. New Low Index Indicator for ThinkorSwim

    A leading indicator that compares stocks hitting new highs and new lows within the stock market. The Chart below is of the Market Meltdown in January, 2016. It's hard to be Bearish on the Market as a whole when new highs are breaking out! #This indicator uses the Index New highs and Index...

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