Pre-Sales UseThinkScript Discord Channel Reviews


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Before joining vip... Can anyone speak to how the discord community is on usethinkscript? What the daily schedule is like? Are there set times of the day for particular live streams? Education? Etc?? Thanks!

Edit: The following thread is also helpful if you want to learn more about VIP before joining:

Reviews of the BTD indicator:

Here's the link to join the UseThinkScript Discord server:
The discord is great. It's active almost all the time. Questions are answered fairly quickly, there is education and people will walk you through issues and trade setups. What discord isn't is a trade calling place. No one will tell you to buy or sell something. They will talk about setups, share charts, discuss how to read setups. Last night there was an awesome (impromptu) live stream on how to trade using bookmap, we've had volumeprofile discussions and streams, many, many, many, swingarm discussions for futures, people explaining their indicators for options trading. You name it. I can honestly say the discord community that has evolved in the last month or two since I joined is easily worth joining VIP for.


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Ah thank you @BenTen! Not really looking for people to tell me to buy or selll, but trying to understand all the different studies and indicators that thinkorswim provides. It doesn't seem like there's 1 best indicator/study, but with just so many options, its hard to really get a grasp of what 'works' and what 'doesnt'


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@luicius Not really, priority support is NOT something we offer in VIP unless it's directly related to our premium indicators. I usually would direct people to our forum if they have any questions related to scripting.


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Are there any reviews for the indicators that come with it? (Advanced market moves and buy the dip) they both look really helpful and I was wondering what people thought of them


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When I go to Discord and want to join, it asks for a Forum name. Does our ThinkScript group use "ThinkScript" as its forum name or are there Forum names for each type of Indicator? ie: Advanced_Market_ Moves, BTD, etc, etc?
I am interested in both the Advanced Market Moves and the BTD Indicators, any guidance is appreciated, thanks.


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First of all, excuse me if this is not the forum to post this. Before becoming VIP, have some questions on indicators. Am more into option trading and only use ThinkorSwim. I see there are 3 indicators and based on my reading so far, almost all 3 seems good for Long calls.I mainly do scalping or swing depending on ticker and do Long calls & puts. Can someone confirm, if there is a indicator for long Put calls also. Thanks.

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