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Before joining vip... Can anyone speak to how the discord community is on usethinkscript? What the daily schedule is like? Are there set times of the day for particular live streams? Education? Etc?? Thanks!


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In regards to your questions the channel is chock-full of helpful individuals who openly share their expertise free of judgement as far as it's been. You'll find few people up at around 3am trading futures or during market hours there's a zoom call held. When compared to other channels out there charging monthly fees for what is the yearly $99 is well worth the money.


The discord channel is active almost 24 hours a day 7 days a week. We have people in various parts of the world looking to learn and share what they know at all times. As far as having a set schedule, not really. The goal is to help each other and schedule discussions or zoom sessions when a need arises. There are several videos and content to study on your own so that you do not depend on anyone to learn. Take the time and get on the bus. We all are heading in the same direction.


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1. Education is great, lots of people to share their knowledge and experience. But don't expect it to be like classes. There's volunteers to teach about what they know, either on discord voice stream or zoom stream. No one is getting paid to do all those.
2. We have futures traders around the clock, Asia, UK, US sessions.
3. There's no upselling or crossing selling or selling of any kind of services, or trade calls/signals.
4. Don't expect everyone to trade "together". We're only there for sharing what we individuals do ourselves and our own experience.
5. There are frequent sharing of charts, how they feel about certain products etc.
6. You DO need to bring donuts and coffee. Cookies are fine too.


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The discord is great. It's active almost all the time. Questions are answered fairly quickly, there is education and people will walk you through issues and trade setups. What discord isn't is a trade calling place. No one will tell you to buy or sell something. They will talk about setups, share charts, discuss how to read setups. Last night there was an awesome (impromptu) live stream on how to trade using bookmap, we've had volumeprofile discussions and streams, many, many, many, swingarm discussions for futures, people explaining their indicators for options trading. You name it. I can honestly say the discord community that has evolved in the last month or two since I joined is easily worth joining VIP for.


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The Discord server is a game changer. It's an amazing team of individuals that help each other and learn and grow with each other. No questions go unanswered.


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Best group of traders, pros, friends that you can find for the minimal amount of cost for VIP.
The VIP cost is nothing compared to the information and knowledge gained from "key" traders as well as other folks all over the world. Have never seen a question go unanswered. And if the same question is asked too many times, someone, at the very least, will offer you a link.
You have to put in your own time as well, to improve your knowledge.
BUT, I think there are some traders here who never, ever sleep.
So to answer your question, the discord app, someone is usually "live" on one of the channels.


Best decision I made was to join the Discord group, when I queried with Ben the first time about the AMM2 indicator for $99, I was like ok, I need to save up some funds because the Rand is very weak against the dollar, when I finally had the funds to get the AMM2 indicator, I actually got way more in return. I got introduced to a new method of trading, referencing the SwingArms, in fact, I think I joined just in time when SwingArms was being given away by mentor Jose. To think I received a whole trading system for $99 is a joke, the education, the community, the AMM2 indicator, plus all the free resources right here on the forum is one heck of a deal... Honestly, my level of understanding on how the markets move with regards to price has gone up a notch and am grateful to the wonderful community that has been built here at

Trader Raider

What's the secret to getting in? Last time I tried, I got stuck in an endless loop where Discord said I needed to claim my account. Nothing worked so I finally gave up. Now at last I can access my other Discord channels but not this one.


@Trader Raider I would love to help but seems like your issue should be reported to Discord so they can look into it. I can't verify the account for you. Try checking your email for a confirmation link.


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hey @itsy! I am thinking about joining also and wanted to hear your input on the discord channel to see if you enjoy it thus far?

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