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Tick Chart and Alert Study


New member
Hello all,

I am attempting to set up a 4x4 grid where each square shares the same study set. In this study set, I created an alert for a moving average crossover. I am using a tick chart instead of a time based chart. ToS does not allow scans for ticks so this seems to be the best way to do it.

However, when I try and backtest this alert study in OnDemand, ToS only picks up 50% of the alerts. Any tips?

Also, I have a dual monitor set up and have the main chart I am watching on Monitor 1 and the 16 chart grid on Monitor 2. They have different grid layouts but want to make it so than when I click on a cell in the grid, it loads it up on the Monitor 1 for more details. I do not see how to link a grid to a chart. Is this possible?


Staff member
I also have the same trouble with ToS alerts placed within a script. Sometimes, even though the signal is there the alerts wouldn’t go off. No one to blame but the system itself.

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