ThinkorSwim vs TradingView: Which one is better?

Do the scripts and strategies that we can find on here and within ThinkorSwim work with TradingView? What do you guys think of the web-based charting platform? What are your thoughts on using TradingView as a charting platform over thinkorSwim?


New member
I was trying to port the "Day Range vs. ATR" script from thinkorswim over to Tradingview when I ran into an error. The Day Range calculated properly on both platforms (its literally HOD - LOD), but I had problems with the ATR. Is there a way to replicate the "TrueRange" function in Tradingview, or something similar to calculate the ATR correctly? Not sure if this is the proper place for it, but another way to word the question would be "Is there a different way to calculate ATR without the TrueRange function?"

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