ThinkorSwim "custom expression subscription limit exceeded"


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ThinkorSwim watchlist column is showing me the following error "custom expression subscription limit exceeded." Has anyone encountered this on their custom watchlist? Any insight or direction would be very appreciated. I have 4 custom headers.


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Hi, I'm running across the custom expression script limit when scanning using the code below. I'm wondering if anyone has any suggestions to lean out this code while preserving the same function so that i can have hit more searches with it. I'm capped at 200 with this code atm. Thanks!

def A = hl2;
def highestvolofday  = highestall(if GetLastDay() == GetDay() and highestall(volume) then (volume) else double.nan);
def High_vol_Price =  if  volume == highestvolofday then A else High_vol_Price[1];
Plot scan = (High_vol_Price*100) * highestvolofday;


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@wildeye It isn't your code that is at fault... It has to do with the sheer number of Custom Watchlist Column cells being populated across your entire Thinkorswim install... That limit is between 1100 and 1500 calculated cells... Reducing the number of Custom Watchlist Columns OR reducing the number of symbols in the watchlists, scans, etc, is the only solution...
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One thing I noticed today while trying to work around this is that if you sort the scanner by the custom column using the dropdowns next to the scan button, it will correctly sort the exceeded ones. So you can get an idea of what the number is by seeing what is above it and below it. This does not work though if you simply click on the column header.

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They must have reduced this number again bc Im getting that message now on columns and watchlists that have been up for a longtime
Not sure what to do


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Not certain if this is discussed anywhere else as the search I ran did not reveal any other conversation on this topic.

The way to run as many "expressions" as you want is to install multiple instances of the Thinkorswim platform and run them simultaneously.

In my setup I have one instance dedicated to charts alone while 4 or 5 others are running unique versions of custom watchlists with multiple custom columns.

Of course you will adjust the number of columns by the size of watchlist or scan you are working on.

Simply download Thinkorswim as many times as you wish (alter the name for each on installation). Set the memory accordingly for each install and you are good to go. I simply rename each shortcut on my desktop to remind me which watchlist (or lists) that instance contains.

I forgot to mention that the user will be limited by the amount of memory installed on their computer. But even lower memory levels should still allow multiple installs.
My friend, this is the most awesome thing Ive read all week.

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