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Simple Forex Tick_Count for use as "volume" indictor


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Im looking for a straightforward tick count indicator for Forex to use as a "volume indicator" to help with trade entries on the daily chart, preferably one with an "average line" where cross above would indicate higher than normal "volume". Ive tried a few on here including this one:

declare lower;
declare zerobase;

def TradeCount = tick_count;
def MoneyCount = volume;

plot avgTradeCount = ((MoneyCount[1] + MoneyCount) / 2) / ((TradeCount + TradeCount[1]) / 2);

AvgTradeCount.AssignValueColor(if TradeCount >= AvgTradeCount then Color.UPTICK else Color.DOWNTICK);

But this doesn't display on the daily chart and has no average line.

Any Recommendations.

Thank you


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I've been looking for the same thing. I'd like to see something that looks like this hawkeye volume indicator but with tick data. I was also wondering if it was possible to have volume tick data in TOS that doesn't require you to switch to the "Last" price. Is there any way to have a volume indicator on the "Ask" or "Bid" price chart?


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Does anyone know if the built in volume indicator in think or swim for Forex is based on tick count?
Patience... :whistle: If one of our members knows of one they will respond... Asking multiple times won't get an answer any faster... 💡

From what I have read, getting accurate volume information on Forex is difficult at best due to the lack of centralized trading management...

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