Show Title in Data Box but Hide Plot


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Hello there,

First ever posted question, I've used these forums as a resource to learn
and now looking to hopefully be more than just an observer :)

I have been trying to be selective with which indicators are plotted Visually on my chart,
and which others also display as Text in the Data Box as I move my cursor around.

I modified a Volume Indicator, and have that declared as a Lower.
It charts the Buying and Selling volume individually above/below the zeroline,
but I would also like for the Total Volume to be shown in the Data Box (RED Arrow Below), but NOT on my chart.


--As you see in the attached photo, the yellow bars overlap the Green Volume bars underneath
(The main issue, is a visible plot lays over my already working indicator below)
--I have tried check/unchecking "Show Plot" and "Show Title" different combinations of each,
--as well as different combinations of code ex.hide(); ex.hidetitle();
(issue with the above, if you turn plot off, it turns title off in the data box as well)
--as well as simply changing the color to black/alpha transparent through My Studies.
(issue with the above, changing color changes both Chart bars and the Data Box Text into the same color as well)
--Have also tried different combinations of Boolean plots instead of Numerical
(the same issue, can't turn off the Boolean visible plot without turning off the Data Box Text)
--I've looked through ToS Learning Center and didn't see anything that works.

So far, the ONLY "solution" that I found, was configuring my Settings as such:
--General: Check ON "Overlap Volume"
--Appearance: Volume Bars " Set Transparent Alpha Zero" (Volume Bars on Upper Chart Disappear)
--Equities: Check ON "Volume: Show Volume Subgraph"
--Lastly, open My Studies, remove anything in the dedicated Volume Lower section --> <empty>.

When I do the configuration above, you get the YELLOW Arrow readout,
and ToS displays the Volume of the Equity, without having any specific Volume Study active

So technically there IS INDEED a Volume Plot ACTIVE but for whatever reason,
when I do it through Chart Settings,
ToS allows you to change the color of that specific Volume Plot through the Appearance Tab,
and regardless of what you color THAT plot,
ToS STILL spits out a Default Volume readout,
Colored white...

I want to have that exact control over my other plots/studies
But haven't found a way to individually color the Data Box text vs the Plot itself

Wondering if anyone has been able to accomplish this,
or if what I worked out is the only workaround

Thanks in advance :)

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Not sure if there's a particular format to post updates if any,
but this is another possible workaround,
something I'm personally okay with dealing with on my lower (in this example).

--I removed the old config in Settings,
what I mentioned in my original (White Color Volume Text in Upper)
--in the lower, I added a regular Volume plot (automatically plots Total Volume)
--set painting strategy to Horizontal
--then just made it a darker color that is appealing to my eyes
and that doesn't conflict visually with the main plot


and ended up with this above (which I'm okay with for this specific indicator)
but still the original question remains...
I modified a Volume Indicator, and have that declared as a Lower.
It charts the Buying and Selling volume individually above/below the zeroline,
but I would also like for the Total Volume to be shown in the Data Box (RED Arrow Below), but NOT on my chart.
Thinkscript does not provide us any means of writing studies that will be interactive with the platform-controlled elements or any ThinkOrSwim modules... Custom modifications are beyond the scope of the capabilities of the platform...

Your workarounds are all that is presently available :(

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